Australian Bulldogs belong to the breed which was created by the breeders in Australia in 1990s. Explore the article to know about the Australian Bulldog breed.

Australian Bulldogs

Breed Type: Watch dog
Weight: Male: 28-35 kg; Female: 25-35 kg
Height: Male: 40-45 cm; Female: 40-48 cm
Coat type: Short and smooth coat

Australian Bulldog is a breed of dog which is known for its calm temperament and high level of intelligence. The dog gels well with the family members and suits to the family atmosphere well. The dog has some wrinkles on its face and comes in a variety of colors. Read on to know about the history, appearance, personality and grooming of the Australian bulldog.
The Australian Bulldog, initially known as the Aussie Bulldog, is a breed of developing dog type from Australia. In 1990s, the Australian breeders began their attempt to create bulldog with no inherent health problems of the original breed. Eventually, there were two programs: one led by Noel and Tina Green and another by Pip Nobes which contributed towards the finding of this breed. However, it is Pip Nobes’ Australian Bulldog Society which is incorporated and constituted body for the Australian bulldog breed.
The Australian bulldog is a medium size dog which has large skull in proportion to its body. It has short, wide and broad muzzle and has one or two wrinkles. The eyes of the Australian bulldog are lowest and are wide apart. It has a tail which is set high and is thick at the base part. It comes in a variety of colors like white pied, red, brindle, apricot, orange or fawn. It has a solid body with well toned muscles and bone.
The Australian bulldog is a highly social dog which loves being a part of the family. It is known for its high level of intelligence and is extremely loyal and obedient. It has a good temperament and thus goes well with the children. It makes a good watch dog though not at all a guard dog. Australian bull dog can be trained conveniently. This breed looks for leadership from its trainer. Like any other breed of dog, this dog needs a pack leader which can teach it to be calm and consistent. It enjoys playing with ball and can also swim in water. It likes to lay down in the sun during the winter months. The breed is basically an indoor dog and should not be kept outside in the kernel all day. The temperate climate suits the most to the Australian bull dog. It does not have an aggressive temperament. However, it reacts to the dogs which display aggression towards it.
The Australian bulldog has a shot-haired coat which is extremely fine and smooth. It needs to be combed and brushed regularly with a firm brush. It should be bathed only when it is absolutely necessary. This breed sheds its hair on average scale. One should wipe its face every day to clean out any dirt present in its wrinkles. The Australian bull dog needs regular exercise and should be taken on long daily walks.

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