Armant dogs are highly intelligent dogs that make great pets and active watchdogs. Learn all about this Egyptian Sheepdog breed in this article given below.

Armant Dogs

Breed Type: Armant Breed
Weight: 50 and 65 pounds (23 and 29 kg)
Height: 21 and 23 inches (53 and 58 cm)
Coat type: Long, Rough And Shaggy
Armant Dog or Egyptian sheepdog is basically a herding dog that is relatively unknown outside the country of its origin. This dog is known by many names -Ermenti, Hawara Dog, Egyptian Sheepdog and Chien de Berger Egyptian. Armant is a fearless and tireless dog that is not intimidated by wolves and other ferocious wild animals. The dog is always ready to safeguard the animals under its protection. An Armant is a loyal and devoted breed that possesses the inherent canine eagerness to please.  If you are looking for a dog to become a friend and spend time with you, the Armant is exactly what you are looking for. Read on to know everything about this lovely Egyptian Sheepdog before bringing it home.
The Armant Dog is a working dog that originated in Egypt during the 15th century. It is a medium sized breed of herding dog that was originally used as guard dog. It is believed that this dog is a descendant of European dogs that were introduced by the troops of Napoleon crossed with Briards. Modern Armant is said to be originated from Holland/ France. As there were no evidences, none of the above theories have been scientifically proven. The breed's fearlessness and loyalty has popularized it in Egypt as guard dog. This breed was named after a town in Egypt known as Armant. The Armant is recognized by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale and the American Rare Breed Association. Kennel clubs that recognize the Armant as a breed includes the American Kennel Club and the Continental Kennel Club. However, the breed is considered rare as it is relatively unknown outside its country of origin.
The Armant or Egyptian Sheepdog is a medium sized breed with a large head and small round dark colored eyes. This breed of herding dog has strong and proportionate medium sized muzzle and small black nose. The color of the nose can compliment the color of the coat in some individuals. Since it is a working breed, it is expected to have a strong muscled body. The ears of this breed have no set standard as it can have different type of ears that can be dropped or erect. Armant can be of multiple colours, the most common of which is black, black and tan, gray and gray-yellow variations. It has a broad, deep, muscular chest, and well-sprung ribs with a shaggy long coat that is rough to touch. Its forelegs are straight and strong with small and compact feet. Its hind legs are powerful with hocks well bent. It has got thickly padded arched toes making it comfortably able to walk across rough terrain when herding or guarding. It has a long tail that may be curled or docked. The dog can carry its tail curled and also in an upright manner.
Armant or Egyptian Sheepdog is a wonderful animal whether it is a family pet or a working dog. It has got fearless and loyal temperament and is amicably sociable.Armant has a playful disposition towards members of its owner’s family. It has great deal of energy and is patient with children making it an ideal companion for the kids to play. An excellent herding dog on the farm, it also is a friendly, loving dog which makes a great pet. It is highly active dog that makes an ideal company during long walks, jogging, hiking, playing with balls and this is the kind of exercise it needs. It is easy to train and truly want to please its owners once a relationship of love and respect is established. The Armant is also very attention needy and craves the interaction of the family that it lives with. It is intelligent, quick learner and highly territorial and builds a strong bond with its people and will not hesitate to lay its life on the line if it is necessary to protect the master and the property. As herders, these dogs are agile, quick and have well-balanced movements. Armant also respond quickly to situations and is very perceptive, making them great watchdogs.
Genetic Diseases
The average lifespan of an Armant dog is 13 years, however, the breed is susceptible to hip dysplasia and osteochondritis dissecans.
The Armant or Egyptian sheepdog needs a regular brushing of the coat in order to help out in the shedding process. Bathing of the dog is important too and it is best if it gets regular baths to keep it clean.

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