Bisben sheepdog represents a Himalayan dog breed, which is commonly found in India. Explore the article to know more about this powerful and aggressive dog breed.

Bisben Sheepdog

Breed: Indian sheepdog
Height: 26 inches
Coat: Thick, harsh
Bisben sheepdog is related to the other Himalayan dog breeds. At times, it is also mistaken as a type of Tibetan Mastiff. However, one of the distinct features of this dog is its lupoid head, which is extremely different from the common mastiff-type heads associated with its regional cousins. Bisben sheep dogs have earned a reputation of being very loyal and protective. They are known to develop intense bonds with their owners, over a period of time. However, they require obedience training to tame their aggressive and independent nature. Read on to know more about this Indian dog breed.
The exact history of Bisben sheepdog is not known for a lack of documentation on this particular breed. However, it is said that these dogs descended from a cross breeding of wolves and varied breeds of sheepdogs in India, during the 18th century. In fact, this seems to be the widely held belief regarding the descent of Bisben sheepdogs, although it is not a scientifically or otherwise proven fact. Historically, these dogs have been commonly used for herding and guarding cattle, for hunting large game such as deer and as watchdogs and guard dogs, due to their tremendous ability to work, even as they provide protection. In the present times, Bisben sheepdog has gained much popularity all over Asia, as a working and companion dog, though it continues to be more common in its native country - India.
Bisben sheepdog is identified with its lean and muscular body, which is wrapped with a medium-length, thick and harsh coat that makes the breed suitable for outside life. The most commonly seen coat color is jet black, with prominent white marks on the feet and chest area. In some Indian villages, wolf-grey and tri-color Bisben dogs are also found.
Bisben sheepdogs are reputed for their fearless and protective nature. They are known to be fiercely protective of their owner and property and can even risk away their own life to save them. They are extremely loyal and mostly get attached to one member of the family, rather than all of them. This dog breed is very intelligent and independent in spirit, though it can be stubborn and overly dominant, making it challenging to train. It is important for the owner to establish instant dominance over Bisben sheepdogs and establish trust and respect, which will be the key to train them successfully. These dogs are not suited for indoor living, especially full time, and enjoy spending more time outdoors. Bisben dogs are also known to be remarkably difficult to housebreak.
Genetic Diseases
Though Bisben sheepdog is generally a strong and healthy breed, it does suffer from a few health problems, such as hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, arthritis, entropian - folding inward of the eye lid, ectropian - folding outward of the eye lid, obesity, and bloat.
The thick and hard coat of Bisben sheepdogs requires brushing with a firm bristled brush, though not very often. These dogs are not known to be high on maintenance.

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