Gel candles are the newbies in the light zone. Explore this article to know how to make gel candles.

Making Gel Candles


Have you ever seen a candle burning in a beer glass? If not, there is high possibility for it to happen. Yes, you can make gel candle in any shapes. People's view about candles as a source of light has now changed to one of the best selling goods across the globe. The old wax candles were made of blocks of wax and wick while the new gel candles are made up of gel which is a combo of mineral oil and polymer resin. These transparent candles change the whole tone of your room when lit. Gel candles are available almost in every shape and just think of a beer glass shaped candle pours light in your room. The process of making these gel candles is entirely different from the wax candles. You have to buy a lot of things to make a gel candle. Gels, zinc wicks, fragrance oil, liquid color dye and embeds make a good gel candle. You can select the embeds according to the theme. You can also find a candle making kit on online. These kits provide everything required for making a gel candle.
How To Make Gel Candles
Things Required: 
  • Gels
  • Zinc wicks
  • Fragrance oil
  • Liquid color dye
  • Embeds
  • Glass container 
  • Find a glass container for the candle to use as a candleholder. Glass can make a real display of the transparent gel. Select a container which has at least 2 inch diameter.
  • Use a hot glue to stick the zinc wick to the centre of the container's bottom.
  • Cut the gel into two pieces and melt it using a multi cooker.
  • Wear a heat resistant apron and gloves for fire safety. Safety glasses are also required.
  • Now, stir the gel carefully with a metal spoon. You must not use a wooden spoon.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher with you because it can be dangerous when the gel gets combusted.
  • The gel becomes smooth when once the temperature has reached 200 F. Add a very small amount of liquid dye. Dye should be meant for making gel candles only.
  • You can add essential oil to the gel for making it scented candles. The choice of the fragrance oils depends on the type of the gel candle. For example, you can add fruit fragrance for making the fruit gel candles.
  • Gel-safe fragrances should be completely oil-soluble to be used with gel candles.
  • Always use non-polar fragrance. If you use polar fragrance, it can turn to fire because polar fragrances have some ingredients, which are not completely soluble in oil. They might break the gel or dig some scoops in it which can be flammable when flame hits them.
  • The fragrance should have a flash point of at least 170° F. 1/2 ounce of fragrance for one pound of gel will be sufficient. If you want to increase the fragrance, increase it per the density of the gel.
  • Now you can pour the prepared gel into the container. You can place the embeds at the bottom of the container if you wish. You can place the wick in the centre and let the gel candle cool for at least 5 hours. You are ready with your gel candles.

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