A kitchen is the most frequented room in any home and thus, has to be done with the right design. With this article, we will help you explore the best ideas and tips for designing small kitchens.

Small Kitchen Design Ideas

Kitchen is the most important room in any household, as it serves as the main activity point of your family. Designing a kitchen can prove to be a challenging task, especially when it is small. The three major areas are to be taken care of, while doing so, are storage, lighting and appliances. A good designing means creating space and incorporating ample storage facilities. Most important, when designing a kitchen, you need to fit in all the necessary appliances in your most treasured room. So, you will have top use your creativity while find proper storage, while also making the kitchen look appealing. Read on to get further tips and ideas on how you can make your small kitchen design functional, beautiful and efficient.
Designing Small Kitchens 
  • Use a menagerie of bright colors, while designing your kitchen. Modern colors such as white, bone or cream, along with strong lighting, can make your kitchen appear wider. Do not choose more than two or three colors at a time. Try to go for colors that reflect light.
  • Use white as a primary color, with darker accents to add comfort and space to your kitchen.
  • In case your kitchen has windows, open them during the day. Natural light will make the kitchen appear wider and brighter in the daytime.
  • Go for under cabinet lighting to create an illusion of space.
  • Get hangers attached above your kitchen island, to hang your pots and pans. This will save space in your cabinets, where you can store other expensive and fragile cutlery. Also, this will give your kitchen a cozy, warm and homey look. Your pot hangers can be used to hang ladles, wooden spoons and herbs also.
  • Since your countertop would not large enough to keep all the appliances handy, put the smaller appliances like coffeemakers and blenders in the cabinets. Take them out only when you need to use them.
  • Avoid cluttering utensils on the countertop. This will make your kitchen even smaller and you can feel constricted.
  • Instead of the standard refrigerator, go for a smaller one that fits your kitchen.
  • If there is small place for a bowl sink, go for the one that is deeper than an average size.
  • Select pantry storage with units that go from floor to ceiling, to provide maximum storage.
  • Select a space-saving design for an eating area, such as banquette with storage beneath, a drop table, a small round table and two chairs tucked in a corner, etc.
  • In case, your home has a corridor, line up cabinets and appliances on either side of the corridors, to deign a galley kitchen.
  • You can get double stacked kitchen cabinets to create a more versatile storage space.
  • Glass cabinet doors can be used to add more space to the cabinets.
  • In case your kitchen has a high ceiling, it will alleviate the small kitchen effect.
  • Open concept glass cabinets and storage spaces, along with bright lighting, can create a larger space for your small kitchen.

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