Remodeling you small bathroom can be quite challenging, unless you have the right ideas in hand. Explore the article for some fabulous tips to remodel your small bathroom.

Remodeling Ideas For Small Bathroom

Small bathrooms are remodeled to make them look posh, luxuriant and spacious.You can remodel your small-sized bathroom to make it appear large, elegant and more efficient. It is very much possible to achieve this without having to spend a fortune. In fact, there are many people who choose to go for small bathrooms as they are economical to design and you can also allot more space to the other areas of your house than the bathroom. If altering the look of your small bathroom is on your mind, explore the article to find some fabulous remodeling ideas for the same.
Tips To Remodel Small Bathroom
Maximize Space
To maximize space in your small bathroom, you can replace the bath tub with a large shower and install a wall-hung sink and toilet. This will bring out a lot of space. Do not install double sinks, as they require more legroom and mostly look cumbersome. Remove the clutter from your bathroom, to make it look spacious. Another idea is to install pocket doors to open up space, otherwise required for the bathroom door to open. Install glass cabinets for storing medicine etc.
Redesign The Room
A larger window will add light to your small bathroom, besides creating an illusion of space. To guard against the need for curtains or blinds, you can go for a glass block window. A large mirror can be used to reflect space, altering the look of your bathroom. Stained and color glass windows can be used to add character to the bathroom.
Even sinks can be positioned near natural light coming from the window. This will help reduce the number of light fixtures. If your bathroom flooring is dark colored, use a light colored rug over it, or you can simply change your dark flooring to a lighter one, incase you have that kind of budget. Wall mounted glass shelves will help enhance the new look of your bathroom. Larger wall tiles create more space than the smaller ones.
Innovative Storage Solutions
Storage of toiletries takes away a lot of space in the bathroom. Go for linen closet for storing required items. If you intend to put decorative items on display in your bathroom, place shelves near the ceiling, with lights beneath them. You can insert used kitchen cabinets in the bathroom, if you are remodeling your bathroom on a budget. Candles and tinted light bulbs can also be used to create ambience in your small bathroom.
Some More Tips
  • For making your bathroom stylish and more convenient to use, install shower seats, tub headrests, footrests and lumbar support.
  • A stone-tile floor or a ceramic tile floor is a good option, to impart a new look to the bathroom.
  • Accent vertical lines draws the eye upward, make the ceiling appear higher. You can use light or vertical stripes on floor to accomplish this.
  • Brighten the corners and edges of your bathroom and paint the walls in pale or soft colors.

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