Give your small bathroom a dream bathroom look. Read more to know about small bathroom remodeling ideas.

Remodel A Small Bathroom

You would like to have a dream bathroom but you are afraid that your small bathroom is just not big enough to turn into the ceramic heaven you desire. Bathroom is often that one room in your house, which is mostly neglected. Even when you think of giving that perfect look to your bathroom, the small size of the bathroom appears as a big constraint. Without a doubt, small bathrooms can be transformed into the dream bathroom if designed and planned well. Just by taking a look at that functional but yet frequently used room in your house, you can very well sense where you need to make the changes. Bathroom remodeling offers a variety of options for design, fixtures, style, and use of space. A small bathroom remodeling requires a bit of planning, creativity and attention to details. Your remodeled small bathroom should not only appeal to eyes but at the same time should be functional too. Here are some bathroom remodeling ideas, which will help you in giving your small bathroom that dream bathroom look.
Small Bathroom Remodeling Ideas 
  • Get to know your bathroom before starting to re-design it. Start with measuring your bathroom accurately. Once you are done with the measurement, take a blank piece of a square graph paper and draw an accurate drawing of your bathroom on the graph paper. Put your current bathroom drawing aside and on a blank piece of graph paper, draw accurate scale drawings of things that you want in your bathroom. This bathroom plan will help you in judging room’s usable space.
  • Start with reducing the scale of furniture and accessories in your bathroom. Bigger the items in bathroom, the smaller it will feel. This stands especially true for crowded corners and sinks. Prefer corner sinks as they are simple and small. These sinks provide visual space but lacks in counter and cabinet space. You can also look for options from pedestal sink or wall-mounted sinks, depending on the size of your bathroom. Or you can also custom order the sink, which can be just perfect for your bathroom.
  • An easy way to save space is by taking out the tub from your bathroom and just using a shower. This will increase the available space in your bathroom and will allow you to add some other storage furniture. If you are insistent upon bathtubs then you can always go for smaller tubs, however, they are unable to handle whirlpool faucets. A bathtub less than five feet long will most probably spill out the water sprayed by the whirlpool faucets.
  • Retile or repaint your bathroom using light colors. You can use blue or white color tiles, but if they look too simple then you can use contrasting tiles. If you want to give your bathroom a decorative touch then you can opt for plants, which would give a feeling of open space or candles, which would multiply light. 
  • Hanging a shower curtain in your bathroom will make the space look even bigger. If you prefer sliding doors then go for glass sliding doors as they make bathroom look big. 
  • If you have a radiator in your bathroom, which is taking a lot of space then consider putting it higher up. This will give you some space free for sink and toilet.
  • Pick a toilet, which can sit close to the wall to conserve space. While purchasing a toilet for your bathroom, always remember that it’s the size of the seat and tank design which determines how much space toilet will take. So, when you are remodeling your bathroom it’s important to choose a toilet, which is both small and stylish.
  • Add mirrors to your bathroom. Mirrors can give an impression of space, so add a large mirror to your bathroom. If it’s impossible to shift your vanity mirror then add track lights on top to give impression of larger reflection.
  • Finally, limit the things that you bring into your bathroom. It’s good to limit the number of accessories in your bathroom. Untidiness in your bathroom can give it an even smaller look.

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