Tuscany decor kitchens exhibit beauty with a fusion of traditional and modern style. Check out ideas for Tuscany kitchen decor.

Tuscan Kitchen Decor

Known for its exquisite landscapes and its affluent artistic bequest, Tuscany - the scenic town of Italy, has vast influence on high culture. Tuscany decor exhibits unquenchable passion for the amazing things of life. A look at Tuscan themed kitchen photographs is enough to invoke the muses of art. When the old world charm meets the modern appeal, it creates energy into an otherwise quiet life. A Tuscan theme kitchen can be compared to a masterpiece created by the painter with painstaking strokes of perfection. This style of decoration combines the best of all materials from rustic to earthy and infuses beauty and style. Whenever you think of kitchen, you mostly end up thinking from a narrow outlook, which compels you to make do with a mediocre functional kitchen decor. It’s time to awaken your creativity and let out the interior designer buried inside you. Read the lines below and recreate the Tuscany style kitchen at your home.
Decorating Tuscan Style Kitchens 

A Splash Of Colors
In Tuscan kitchen decor, the use of diverse colors ensures that there is always an exciting element in it. There is a bold use of orange and yellow colors, with gold and terracotta on the walls which give it an elegant touch. Always select a hushed or battered looking tone of your chosen color. Tuscan kitchen has a twang of colors in bright reds, sunshine yellows, sea blues, shining blues, bright greens, and browns mixed with burgundy. 

Floors With Earthy Feeling
Laying similar materials for flooring in earthy shades are considered good choices for your Tuscan style flooring. You can consider granite, stone, marble, limestone, and slate for flooring. Mosaic and colored tiles are widely used for this type of kitchen. Terracotta or lightly distressed wooden floorboards give typical Tuscan feel to the kitchen. You can choose a scene of a Tuscan village, rustic farmhouses, vineyards, grapes or wine or other fruit, for a stunning Tuscan style mural. 

Walls With Weathered Texture
A true Tuscany kitchen is generally roughly plastered. The colors applied to the walls are not smooth, they are mostly textured. The paints used have a weathered effect. A fake paint finish of antique plaster, or sand added to your paint enhances the real Tuscan kitchen decorating style. Again, the colors used are in bright hues in exotic shades.  

The Tuscan style furniture is old fashioned and rustic in feel. You can select old style thick wood furniture with a distressed finish and old paint. You can choose table linen in luxurious tones and give it an exotic look. Choosing chair cushions in sultry colors adds to the Tuscany furniture decor. Use plenty of wrought iron in furniture. You can consider wrought iron wine racks, and plants stands for your kitchen decor. Look out for wooden cupboards with wire-meshed doors. 

Backsplashes In A Tuscan Style
These spaces are colored in bright eye-catching colors, like the rust, greens, gold, yellows, and creams to brighten your days. In Tuscan kitchen décor, tile murals play a key role in bringing out exquisite essence of space. These murals on topple stone tiles are eye catching. They compliment Tuscany style of decor like the murals of olives, cheese, pears, zucchini, and everything that is Tuscany. 

Kitchen Counters And Cabinet Doors
The kitchen counters are made with stone materials like granite, travertine, slate and many such to give a rustic and a strong feel to your Tuscany style kitchen. For the cabinets the colors chosen are in dark tones like the red, greens, blues and yellows. 

You can use accessories made of ceramics and terracotta in rustic colors. You can display pitchers, jars, pottery bowls, urns, racks, glassware, and dinnerware. Use of copper vessels, pots and pans or wrought rack, ceramic canisters, candle holders, and metal urns are quite impressive and eye catching. You can display lots of ornamental jars and bottles filled with oils, olives, fruits, and peppers.

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