Southwestern style interior decoration is perfect for those who love nature and outdoors. Check out some decorating ideas to bring that typical southwest décor into your home.

Southwestern Style Decorating

A home reflects the personality of its inhabitants. For instance, a contemporary décor reflects that you believe in living as per the changing times, while the castle look exhibits your taste for luxury and extravagance. If you are one of those who prefer simplicity and beauty of nature, then southwest style interior decoration is what will woo you. It is all about bringing the nature inside, through the use of natural materials, like clay, wood, wrought iron, cotton, wool, etc. The essence of a southwest home décor is an uncluttered and modest, yet inviting, look for the house. To know how to go about decorating your house as per this style, check out the ideas given below.
Southwestern Style Interior Decoration Ideas
The first thing that you need to keep in mind, in context of southwestern home décor, is about the colors in the house. You can easily blend a number of colors for the purpose. A good example is matching the greens of cactus plant, with pinks and reds from its flowers. Just close your eyes and imagine a sunrise or sunset. What do you see? Shades of coral, purple, brown and blue? Go on and incorporate theses shades throughout the house, in wall colors, fabrics, accessories, and so on.
The right textiles can help you impart the perfect southwest look to your house. Make sure to have textiles with motifs based on American Indian cultures, native to the region. Rugs, blankets and table runners, in diamond patterns and cotton and wool fabrics, will work pretty well. You can also use rugs and blankets made by Navajo Indians. In order to avoid the look of clutter, fuse together patterned and solid textiles. You can complement rugs, with large and colorful patterns, with upholstered furniture, having much smaller pattern or solid color.
Make sure to give due emphasis on the materials that you plan to use in your house. The furniture should be all wooden, with such a polish that gives it a rustic look. Completely avoid ornate carvings and keep the detailing simple. If you are planning to use accent furniture, keep the color palette natural. Try to use as much leather, suede, cotton and wool, as possible, especially in case of upholstery and rugs. Use slate and terra cotta for walkways and river rock, turquoise and other stones for accent décor.
Accessories can help impart the perfect look to any house, be it any type of décor. Make substantial use of hand-painted tiles and clay pottery, along with art in the form of sand paintings. Vivid rugs, as wall hangings, make the room look colorful. If you can, get images of gecko lizards and Kokopelli, a fertility deity. Infact, you can buy a number of items with these images on, like wrought-iron wall hangings. You can also try wrought iron for other accessories and have armoires and cabinets in the house.
Southwestern Home Décor Tips 
  • For the purpose of accessorizing, always make use of natural adornments. For example - a glass vase filled with rocks, a large bowl filled with water and rose petals, etc.
  • Always make sure to use such materials and items that exude simplicity and comfort.
  • Southwestern look is all about bringing nature, indoors. For the purpose, make use of plants such as cacti and succulents, in a room.

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