An old world style decor transports you to the mystic old era. With these decoration tips and ideas, learn more about decorating your house old world style.

Decorating Old World Style

Decorating a house is one of the most interesting works for the women. They are always trying to give a new look to their surroundings and make it look unique. In this endeavor, they are ready to go to any extent. However, most of the times, they are short of ideas or budget, which prevents them from going about it. To solve this problem, we are here to provide you information about the old world style décor. As the name suggests, Old world style décor involves decorating a house such that it gives it a royal or primeval look. The best part is that for this style, you just need to take out all your old stuff out, rather than using new one. To get some tips on old world style decoration, read on.
Ideas Old World Style Décor 
  • Colors -For an old world style decoration, the color palette is deep, rich and regal, but mellowed down, to provide a timeworn effect. Colors that are seen in an Old World décor scheme are burgundy, navy, forest green, ocher and cream. You can use a combination of different furniture finishes from dark-stained surfaces to painted, glazed or sanded finishes, to give it an old look. Other shades of colors that can be used for the same are dark earth tones, such as browns and greens or dark blue, which can be added to your walls. Use faux painting techniques to add texture on the walls.
  • Accents - For a subtle contrast, you can make use of polished surface on ceramic jars and the rustic quality of wrought iron. Other elements that can produce the warmth of an Old World look include woven tapestries, Aubusson rugs and a distressed gilt finish on accessories. The texture and color of rugs should be well in accordance with the color scheme of walls and upholstery.
  • Fabrics - Fabric and accessories also play a vital part in decoration. Old World-style fabric should include damasks featuring oversize scrolls or floral patterns, complex tapestry designs, stripes and small prints set on cotton and muted hues of lustrous silks. Trappings such as fringe, tassels and beaded trim exhibit a multilayered look.
  • Architecture - Rough-hewn beams, lining the ceiling, balance the more sophisticated elements in the room. Other notable architectural features of an Old World-styled home include arched doorways and windows, which add feminine curves to a predominantly masculine design.
  • Furnishings - Furniture is an important aspect of decoration. For old world style décor, add dark stained furnishings. A sofa with intricate hand carved wood frame, along with a center table and side tables of the same material and finish, are just perfect for a royal look. For the dining room, you can use dark stained dining table, with matching chairs. Pick textured and deep color upholstery for this style of decoration.

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