The secret of good Asian style decorating lies in adhering to simplicity and avoiding over decoration. Check out some basic ideas on Asian style home decor.

Asian Style Decorating

Asian style decorating is today amongst the most popular trends in context of home décor. People find it very hard to get this look. The reason is not that it requires too much decoration or changes, but the fact that people fail to understand that Asian style home décor is all about simplicity. Infact, it is this minimalism and unfussiness of the decorating style that makes it look so appealing and different. If you still haven’t understood the concept of Asian style decorating, check out information given below.
Asian Style Decorating Ideas
The first thing that you need to keep in mind while decorating your home country style comprises of the colors to be used. In Asian style, we hardly see the use of the same color, but in different shades. Rather, it is all about using lots of different colors that contrast beautifully with one another. For example, you can make use of black and white (central Asian) or red and green (Chinese style), and so on. At the same time, remember to make use of gold and silver colors only for highlighting and accenting.
Furniture needs to be picked carefully for the Asian style. Rattan sofas, combined with plump, loose cushions, look excellent. In case you want a contemporary look in Asian style, you can go for black leather furniture that easily blends in with the rest of the décor. if you feel that your room is looking too dull or boring, you can spice it up by using read, turquoise or gold cushions and throws.
Accessorizing is one of the best ways to bring out a completely new style in your home. In case of Asian style home décor also, you can do the same. However, make sure to keep the keyword of simplicity in mind. Too much accessorizing will spoil the look of the house, rather than adding to it. You can make use of pots and vases, which when used with a bit of bamboo impart a truly Asian look to your house. In case you already have too many accessories, simply rotate them, rather than adding new ones.
Candles help add warmth to a house and make it look much more cozy and inviting. You can make use of candles while decorating your home Asian style too. Nevertheless, remember not to use them in excess. A few candles, placed sparingly, will work just fine.
Rugs play an important part in imparting the Asian look to your house. Contrary to what people mostly believe, Oriental rugs should not be used as a part of decoration. Rather, you should make use of simple white rugs or natural fiber rugs. In short, keep ‘simplicity’ in mind in this context also.
Water Element

Water element forms a very significant part of the Asian houses and has to be used in some form or the other. Mostly, you will see a fountain completing the Asian look. The size of the fountain will depend upon the size of the room and your budget. In short, do not place a big fountain in a small or already cluttered room. Subtly is the key here.

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