Country style home décor is in vogue at the moment. Read about country style home decoration ideas & tips

Country Style Home Décor

If the modern lifestyle has taken a toll on you and you are looking for some respite, what can be better than giving your house a completely country look? Country style home décor is in vogue right now, as it gives you an opportunity to connect to your roots and also apply some creativity to your home decor. You can be inspired from any civilization for that matter and transport yourself to an absolutely remote era. Moreover, for a rustic home decoration, you don’t need to exert your pocket too much, as you can redecorate the house with the existing items itself. So, roll up your sleeves to create the magic with the help of country style home decoration ideas and tips given below.
Getting Started
After you have made up your mind to accentuate your home décor with country style, choose a specific theme. For example you can choose from different cultures of countries like England, Sweden, France, America etc. This will help you to decide what kind of color theme and items to use, as all this will be in accordance with the specific theme you have decided for your home. After deciding the theme, make a list of all the items you will require for decoration. This should be followed by cross checking the list with the items you already have.
Tips and Ideas
Given below are some tips and ideas for decorating your house with country theme.
For Kitchen, you can use
  • Baskets
  • Bowls or baskets of fruits or vegetables
  • Cookbooks
  • Copper pots
  • Dried herbs
  • Old tin canister
  • Pot racks
  • Pottery
  • Vases of fresh flowers
  • Wooden spoons 
For Bathroom, you can use
  • Old glass jars for holding cotton balls, Q-tips, or a fresh flower
  • Decorative baskets, a galvanized pot, or a wine rack for holding towels
  • Baskets and pots for magazines, books, towels, oils, soaps, shampoos, sponges, and lotions
  • Shelves for displaying knickknacks, candles, potpourri
  • Hang pictures or display your kid’s artwork, in the bathroom. 
For Living Room, you can use
  • Candles
  • Potpourri
  • Plants
  • Flowers
  • Beautiful hand made quilts
  • Throw pillows
  • Rugs 
For Bedroom you can use
  • Blue, red, green wall paint or wall paper
  • Handmade bowls, basket, boxes
  • Tin or wood brick-a-brack
  • Vintage Vases
  • Picture frames

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