Decorating your farmhouse in a country style is a way to make your house inviting, cozy and comfortable. With this article, explore useful decor tips on country-styled farmhouse.

Country Farmhouse Decor

What comes to your mind when you think about country-styled farmhouse? Primitive, antique, traditional and warm, isn't it? Styling your house to reflect the same requires you to add wings to your creative skills and imagination. All you need to do is to give your house a rustic old look, which looks stylish and tasteful at the same time. Festoon your farmhouse with some homespun fabrics, antique show pieces and embroidered bed sheets. Playing with colors is yet another practice you can dwell in, to lend that ever-so effervescent ancient charm to your house. So, are you ready to sport a country farmhouse right in the middle of the bustling city? If yes, then this article serves best for you. Right from the kind of paints you need chose to the kind of furniture you need to possess, we have dealt on every aspect of country farmhouse décor.
Decorating Farmhouse Country Style
Much of the décor is dependent on the kind of paint done on the walls. Imagine a contemporarily furnished house painted in a conventional color!! It would be nothing less than a disaster. For a country farmhouse décor, select your palette from the rich gold, gray-blue, wine and green. Remember, paints rich in pigment were considered as a sign of wealth in the former years.
Be bold and daring at the time of choosing colors. The bolder color you choose, the greater you extend the warmth of beautiful hues created, by your forefathers. Apart from the wall paints, consider decorating your home with painted furniture, painted woodwork, painted accessories and accents. Though it might sound strange, but painted furnishings were the order of the day, then.
The rugged it is, the better it would look. Country farmhouse décor is much contradictory to the contemporary look. For instance, while in the former you do not have to worry about scratches or cuts on the coffee table, in case of latter, the table should be devoid of even a minute scrape.
At the time of buying furniture for your country farmhouse, look for those that have an antique feel to them. Signs of wear and age should be reflected on the furniture. In case you already have certain antique or old furniture, do not polish them to make them look new. Remember, the older is it, the better décor item it would make.
Fabrics for country farmhouse follow the same rule of thumb - the raw and aged it looks, the better it would add to the feel of the house. Checkers, khaddar, quilts or even embroidered materials would be a great option to explore. In case you do not have such cloths or can't find them in the market, one of the easy ways to get the look would be by giving napkins, pillow covers or table runners a bath in strong tea. Warm water in a large container and add a dozen of tea bags to it. Now, dip the clothes in it and let them stay for some time. Rinse them off with water and dry. Your country-styled fabrics are ready to adorn your house.
Once the basics are done, complete your look with the right kind of lighting and fixtures. Before buying one, just think of what kind of lighting were used in the former years. Big lamps with lamp shades, ceiling fixtures, antique-styled candle sticks and country-scented candles are best employed for the job. Not only would these illuminate your house, but also add to the country look and appearance.
Other Essentials
Braided rugs, embroidered pillow cases, handcrafted dishes and serving pieces are other essentials things that can add to the drama and character of your country-styled farmhouse. They lend a dimension to the house bringing in aesthetic beauty and also virtual impact.Old teddy bears, dolls, metal banks and other toys reflecting the era gone would also do the trick. Happy styling your farmhouse country-style!!

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