Hammock can be a synonym for relaxation, especially when you have decided to build your own one. Read on to explore tips on how to make homemade hammock.

How To Make Homemade Hammock

A big vast lawn, cool sundress, delicious cocktail, and a hammock! This may be rightly considered as a dream holiday for many of us. Truly, there is no better way to relax than in a hammock, under the shade of a tree and with a cool breeze blowing across. As you lie in your hammock, close your eyes and the soft breeze gently grazes your body, the feeling is in no mean terms, heavenly. You may wish to try out this experience in Bahamas or Bermudas; however, what if I say you can get this experience in your own backyard and in your own homemade hammock. Yes! Hammock can be made ay home, without shelling a lot of money and time. What are you waiting for? Read on to know to make homemade hammock.
How To Build A Hammock
Materials Required 
  • Tape measure
  • Hammer
  • Sewing machine
  • Screwdriver
  • Heavy duty canvas
  • Two metal ring
  • Nylon rope 
  • Decide on the place you want your hammock. You need two trees, which are almost fifteen feet apart, to build a hammock. The trees should be large and thick, to provide the best support. In addition, the area should be clean, serene and away from hustle-bustle of your home.
  • Buy a heavy-duty canvas from a craft shop. The canvas should be heavy, yet smooth. The length of the canvas would depend on the length between the two trees. However, in general, an average hammock needs nearly four yards of canvas.
  • Get a thick nylon rope. You can find nylon ropes in craft shop as well as hardware shops. Take the tape and measure the length between the trees. After you have measured it, triple it. This will become the length for the nylon ropes.
  • Now, fold the canvas from the ends, to about three inches and stitch down the edges with a sewing machine. Create end-flap, with heavy-duty thread. You need to slot in dowels into each flap. For the measurement, you can go for three-inch by four-foot dowels.
  • Insert metal rings in each dowel. They should be equally spaced, so that the hammock stays straight. Now, insert six length of rope in the dowels and tie knots on every metal ring firmly.
  • Either tie the ropes directly to the tree or place them in a ring and tie it. You can even secure the ropes in an eyehook, with a hammer and then fasten them to the trees. Keep the hammock high enough to keep you off the ground. Now lie down on your hammock and read your favorite book or just enjoy the serenity.

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