It is a daunting task to remove lovebugs from your home and car, as the nasty insects spread very rapidly. Follow the instructions given in the article and know how to get rid of love bugs.

How To Get Rid Of Love Bugs

On a bright spring morning, have you ever found double-headed nasty insects thronging your home or your car? Have you ever wondered what the pesky little creatures are? They are lovebugs, which thrive and multiply during the spring season. Although the adult lovebugs feed on nectars of flowering plants, the creepy insects do not mind attacking the homes and premises as well, not to bite or buzz, rather to annoy everyone. Even when you are outdoors, driving in bright daylight, love bugs come to annoy you. This is because they thrive in sunlight during the spring season, which coincides with their breeding time. If you want to know how to get rid of love bugs, from your house as well as your car, go through the following lines and get some tips.
How To Remove Lovebugs
From Home 
  • Make a soapy solution by mixing some liquid detergent or soap in a bucket of water. Pour the solution in those areas in your home where bugs swarm. If an area is heavily infested with love bugs, make a thick, concentrated solution of water and soap, to get rid of the nasty insects.
  • Love bugs can also be found at the entranceway of a house. To prevent them from entering your house, spray an insecticide on your door. Use mild dose, to avoid spoiling the paint of your door. The bugs will die immediately.
  • In case the love bugs are thriving in your home, light some mosquito repellent candles or coils. The bugs would be intoxicated by the fumes of the repellent and eventually perish. After they get knocked out, make sure to sweep them out of your home.
  • If you find love bugs thriving in the corners of your home, which are difficult to reach, then make use of water hose, to 'shoot' the bugs down.
  • Suck them out of your home, by using a vacuum cleaner. After clearing them, make sure that you have 'dumped' the bugs neatly into a sealed trash bag, so that they do not crawl back.
  • Always keep your garden mowed, because the larva of love bugs grows and matures in thatch.
  • Love bugs are attracted to light colors. So, as soon as spring season begins, it is better to renovate your home a little bit, to make it 'lovebugs proof'! For the purpose, you may paint the walls, door and exteriors of your home with a dark color.
  • If love bugs throng your home indefinitely, a good way to get rid of them is to smash them or step on them. Wear protective clothing - gloves, socks, full sleeves shirt and shoes - and smash the nasty love bugs away! 
From Car
  • Love bugs are hyperactive during the day time, in their breeding season. So, it is better to drive at night as much as possible.
  • Shield the side mirrors of your car with a layer of cooking spray. This would prevent lovebugs from entering your car and also kill the existing ones, very easily.
  • Place a net over your car's front grill - this would prevent the insects from clogging the radiators.
  • Dryer sheets can also be used to remove love bugs from a car. Place a dryer sheet on your car's windshield, bumper and hood.
  • In case you find lovebugs crawling in and out of your car, just flush the splattered insects from your car with a water hose.
  • Before the spring season arrives, paint your car or wax it. The protective coating provided by the paint/wax would prevent lovebugs from sticking to your car.
  • Baby oil is effective in removing bugs from hood, windshield, front grill and bumpers of a car. Be sure to spray only a thin layer of baby oil on the strategic locations.
  • Install wind deflectors, particularly when you are driving on highways. By doing so, the lovebugs would not hit the windshield of your car.

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