Washing quilts at home is not an easy task, unless you are aware of the right procedure for the same. Go through this article and explore complete instructions on how to wash quilts.

How To Wash Quilts

There is hardly any person in this world who does not love to cuddle inside a quilt during winters. While most of the people love to snooze off inside their quilts, very few of them remember to maintain them properly. Quilts are very delicate and should be cleaned with great care. At the same time, the type of care a quilt requires depends on its fabric and condition. If the fabric is delicate, you should consider dry cleaning or vacuuming. However, in case it is quite sturdy, it can be easily hand-washed or be cleaned with the help of a washing machine. In this article, we will tell you how to wash quilts, by hand as well as in the machine.
Washing Quilts
  • To prepare quilts for washing, sway them gently at first, to remove any loose dirt or items.
  • Smaller quilts can be placed in sinks or small tubs, for washing purpose. Larger quilts will need to be hand-washed in a large bucket or any other very large container.
  • Fill the bucket or sink with warm water and add a mild soap or mild shampoo. Place the quilt inside the water and let it soak for a maximum of 20 minutes. If the quilt is very dirty, let it soak for at least 30 minutes, adding more warm water after 15 minutes.
  • After the quilt has been soaked, rub the material using your hands, gently around the stitched areas, as ridges can come loose after several years. This process removes the dirt and stains from the quilt.
  • Drain the sink or tub. Now, gently squeeze the quilt to remove the excess water. Thereafter, add more water to the quilt and rinse well. Gently squeeze and rinse out the quilt, until the water runs out clear.
  • Hang your quilt in a shaded place, to let it air-dry. Do not expose the quilt to direct sunlight, as sun can fade its colours over time. Use plastic clips to hang your quilt. Wooden ones can snag the fabric.
Machine Washing
  • Before washing, remove any excess dirt or other items by swaying the quilt. You also need to inspect the quilt to see if there are any stitches coming loose. This usually occurs in older handmade quilts. If any loose stitches are found, repair them before washing the quilt, to avoid further damages.
  • Set the washing to a mild and gentle cycle. Add a mild soap or mild shampoo to the water. Place the quilt inside the washer by itself. Do not add any other items, as they can cause tearing of the quilt material.
  • Hang your quilt in a shaded place, to let it air-dry. Do not expose the quilt to direct sunlight, as sun can fade its colours over time. Don’t use the dryer, as it can cause fading of the colours in the quilt and also weaken the seams.
  • Since quilts can take a long time to dry, it is better if the quilts are washed early in the morning, so they can be hung all day long, to dry.

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