Washing wool sweaters is a bit difficult task, since wool is very sensitive to chemicals and heat. Go through this article and know how to wash a woolen sweater safely.

Washing Wool Sweaters

Come winter season and it is time to wear all the bright clothes and get ready to play in the snow. While almost everyone loves to wear bright woolens in winters, very few like to undertake the chore of cleaning them. Washing winter wear, especially wool sweaters, is a difficult task. This is because wool is highly sensitive to chemicals and heat. However, getting woolens dry cleaned every now and then proves to be very expensive. In order to help you out of the dilemma, we have listed instructions for washing wool sweaters, in the lines below.
How to Wash A Woolen Sweater
How To Hand Wash A Woolen Sweater
Items Needed 
  • Wool Detergent
  • Sweaters
  • Towels 
  • Fill a tub with cold water and add a woolen detergent or mild hair shampoo to it. You don’t have to create foam in it.
  • Add the sweater to the mixture of soap water and swirl it till it is completely wet. Do not rub or squeeze it. Let it lay there for ten minutes.
  • Now gently take out the sweater and place it in another bucket containing lukewarm water. Leave it in the water until it is completely free from soap. If necessary, throw the water away and add fresh water to it.
  • Remove the sweater from water and hold it by its shoulders, allowing the water to drain down. Avoid wringing the sweater.
  • Gently lay down the sweater flat on a dry towel. Now, roll the sweater in it to absorb any remaining water in it.
  • Use another towel to pat the sweater into the desired shape.
  • Spread the sweater flat, in a cool place, out of direct sunlight and leave it for drying.
How To Machine Wash A Woolen Sweater
Items Needed 
  • Sweaters
  • Wool Detergent
  • Towel 
  • Although the best way would be to wash your woolen clothes by hand, but sometimes it happens that we are not able to take out time for hand washing them. Moreover, while you are hand washing, if you are not careful, you may ruin your sweaters and other woolen clothes forever.
  • Get a detergent that is especially made for woolen clothes. Never in any case, use regular soaps or detergent. If you do not have woolen detergent, you can also use a mild hair shampoo for cleaning purpose.
  • Now you need to set the washer to the highest temperature. You must have heard how hot water ruins the clothes and all such myth. For washing woolen clothes in washing machine, the hotter the water the better it is for your woolens.
  • Now add a cap full of woolen detergent and allow it to mix with the water.   
  • After the soap and water are mixed, stop the cycle and put your sweater in it. Do not swirl the sweater. Woolen clothes get stretched because of excess rubbing together.
  • Let the sweater stay in the machine for twenty minutes or more. Now gently pick the sweater out and let the water spin out from the machine.
  • Now fill the machine with hot water again. Do not add any soap to the water. After the machine is filled, put the sweater again and leave it immersed until it is completely rinsed out. You don’t have to swirl it around, it will itself come out.
  • Rinse the water out, keep the sweater in there, and put on the spin cycle to rinse most of the water from the sweater.
  • After it is done, carefully pick up your sweater, and lay it down flat on the towel. Keep on flipping it on regular intervals to expose the wet area for drying.

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