Vintage windows look beautiful and classy. Check out some creative ideas using vintage windows.

Creative Ideas Using Vintage Windows

Colorful glass windows form a beautiful part of any house and make a great home decoration. They serve as the eyes of a home and often have some fond memories of our growing up. With little bit of creativity and effort, you can make your vintage windows quite useful, even when they might have became outdated enough to be thrown into thrash. Convert those old, discarded windows into original, home decorating accents. With that extra bit, you can make your vintage windows useful, in the form of a new coffee table, shelf, and hanger or as a wall-decor. Explore this article to know how you can make use of vintage windows and transform them into useful items.
Creative Use of Old Windows
  • Vintage windows can be used as a coffee table by just adding four legs. Paint the glass to give them a tint of color. They’ll look great especially for a porch, patio or garden area.
  • Pane-less windows can be used as a hanger. Place them vertically and fix some horse nails on to them, your hanger is ready. You can hang your keys and bags on it.
  • A small glass window can make a magnificent wall décor, with a splash of paint on it. Play with colors, give it a pattern and use it as a wall décor.
  • The most beautiful look comes out when classy glass windows are used as a flower box. Flowers bellow the lower half of the glass, looking fascinating.
  • Wooden windows, with long edges, can be used as a shelf as well. Place them horizontally and you can keep your books and crockery there.
  • Framed windows can be used as a bulletin board. To fill the gap in between the frames, use a cardboard as a base. You can paste pictures, colorful notes and even cards here.
  • Making a green house out of a glass window may take some extra time and effort, but it will all be worth it. Paint the outer wall of glass in a colorful manner and keep it in your lawn or somewhere it can shine in the sun.
  • Paint the frame in colorful shades, to match your child’s room. Now, put some clothespins on it also, in a contrasting order. Attach these clothespins along the outside of the window frame. Your child can decorate the window panes and attach original artwork to the clothespins.
  • To create a beautiful focal piece, attach a mirrored glass inside the window frame. To give a more finished look, paint the frame. For an antiqued look, leave it in its aged state.
  • Give your kitchen a country-styled decoration. Get a shelf and cut it to the size of the window. Paint the shelf and the window frame in the same color. Attach the shelf above the window so that it looks as a single piece. You can attach some mug hooks below the frame. Place cookbooks or decorative items on the shelf. Hang kitchen utensils and potholders from the cup hooks.

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