Painting exterior windows is not very difficult, provided you have the right tips with you. Read on to explore how to paint exterior windows.

How To Paint Exterior Windows

The house of a person serves as a reflection of his personality. Along with that, it has an effect on his overall disposition. For instance, a house painted in bright colors makes you cheerful, while dull paint colors like grey make your mood somber. This is why most of the people prefer to give their home a pleasing and agreeable look. In this context the interiors of the house are as important as the exteriors. In case of latter, you have to take everything into account the walls, doors and even windows. In this article, we will tell you all about painting the exterior windows of your house, to give it a polished appearance. We hope the following tips prove to be handy.
How To Paint Exterior Windows
Items Needed 
  • Exterior Trim Paint
  • Paint Brushes 
  • In case you are painting double-hung windows, it is advisable to remove the sash before starting the procedure and paint it after placing on a work table. In this case, you should paint the sides of the vertical stiles first, with the help of a 2-inch trim brush.
  • Start painting the windows, the removed sash in case of double-hung window, from the upper left corner and keep on applying paint, downward, until you reach the bottom. At the end of the stroke, lift up on the brush. Continue applying the paint till you cover all the vertical members.
  • If there are grills in the window, make sure to paint both the vertical and horizontal ones. If you end up spilling paint on the window glass, let it dry completely. Thereafter, use a single-edge razor to scrape it off. In case of double-hung windows, it is time to paint the upper sash.
  • Next, you will be required to paint the faces of the grills, rails and stiles. In case of double-hung windows, the procedure will be done on both the lower (removed) sash and upper sash. Let the paint dry completely. After the paint gets dry, you can re-fix the lower sash.
  • Now is the time to paint the stops and jambs. Finally, you will paint the sides of the casing, then the faces of the casing and in the last, the sill. The exterior windows of your house are now as good as new.

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