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Exterior Paint Ideas

You blew away big bucks setting up your shack, getting funky interiors and installing swanky fixtures for your house décor. But what about the exterior? Most people gladly invest in decking up the interiors with little or no attention to the exterior. Well, it does not really matter if you live in a 1,500-square-foot condo or a three-storey home, if your house exterior resembles the hide of an alligator, or looks like a concrete model of a rumpled colosseum, then it's time you gave your exterior some serious facelift. You don’t really need to be a designer or drop tons of cash to be proud of your pad. Just adding a fresh coat of paint to your architecture can add a dash of flair to your house and whip up a touch of new elegance. If you are due for a house renovation anytime soon or are looking to add a dash of color to your concrete drab, then checking out these ideas on exterior paint can leave you with interesting cues on color palettes. Read on to know more on this.
Ideas For Exterior Paint 
  • Whether you wish to tot up some countryside charm to your creek side cabin or add casual elegance to your urban pad, a stroke of latex on your outer walls can glam up your home exterior like nothing else. However, before you decide on your color palette, just pause a while to consider on your tint and texture. While bold hues may overpower your house architecture and offend your neighbors, choosing dull shades would only make your house look featureless and flat. The cue is to choose complementary color schemes that not only add to the splendor of your outer walls and roof, but also lends a character to your curves, fascias, rakes and doors.
  • Before you get on with your roller pan and latex and paint your walls red (literally), know that your house is not a blank canvas where you fill in shocking shades as you go. Your exterior should complement your surrounding and gel well with your taste and interiors. Instead of running after trendy bubblegum pink, or the voguish burgundy, opt for shades that suit your environment and do not make your house look outlandish. You can play with monochromatic, adjacent, complementary or triadic color scheme depending on the size and complexity of your home.
  • Whether you wish to rake up a coastal inspiration for your bungalow or are game for modern minimalism, know that your color scheme should be in perfect accord with your architecture. After all, you cannot dare to add rustic charm to your stylish colonial house or pick earthen hues for your opulent Swiss chalet. The cue is to consider the architecture, history and landscape of your house before you swish your brush.
  • Wondering whether to use rugged textures, bold colors or warm hues for your exteriors? If you are totally clueless on how to go on with your exterior makeover, we suggest you look outside for your cues. Nature offers an incredible palette of hues that can truly match your taste and suit your house. They not only look pleasing to the eye and add to the cozy ambience of your home, but the exciting natural color palette merges with the lush green and brown creating its own outdoor haven.
  • Do you wish to add refined sophistication and a sense of grandiosity to your majestic architecture? Think white, cream or beige! Nothing tots up a sense of size and dignity better than pale hues. However, you can go adventurous with your colors and pick exciting hues to complement the window sashes and other architectural details. Nevertheless, it’s best to confine your options within a single color family for a more even appearance.

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