Planning to remodel your basement and looking for some cheap flooring ideas? Check out this article for ideas on cheap basement floors that are not only affordable, but also attractive.

Cheap Basement Flooring

Are you tired of reinstalling and ripping off your basement flooring every now and then, again and again? Do you always fear your flooring to soak up and leak, despite using the best and most expensive flooring? Are you now looking for some affordable yet stylish flooring options that would not burden your wallet, even if it rips up again? Cheap basement flooring is the only and, in fact, the best solution to all these problematic questions that can save you from such terrifying difficulties. Though several kinds of flooring are available at your end, not all are easy to maintain and moreover, they do not fit the budget easily. Nonetheless, this should not stop you from giving your basement floor a great and attractive look. With umpteen options available, some cheap flooring ideas, when used rightly, can make your interiors look awesome. Continue browsing through the lines below to find some cheap basement flooring ideas.
Ideas For Cheap Basement Floors
Stained Concrete
Undoubtedly, stained concrete is one of the best, cheapest and easiest flooring options to grab on. Available in assorted colors, designs and patterns, the best part about stained concrete flooring is that they can be easily installed without the use of any specialized tools. Furthermore, the numerous application techniques available can be applied to get your desired look of flooring. However, the major problem with using stained concrete flooring is that it is too hard and cold. Besides, it demands high maintenance and has to be resealed frequently.
Right from cheap ‘peel and stick’ vinyl tiles to the ceramic ones, the tile industry offers a huge choice for choosing tiles for your basement flooring. Not only are they inexpensive, all tiles can be easily installed and removed as and when you need to give your basement a remake. Amongst the numerous options available, ceramic tiles are the most preferred as they withhold the growth of mold and mildew. Moreover, they can be easily cleaned and do not require frequent maintenance.
For all you guys who have a dry basement, painting is the cheapest flooring option that you can place your hands on. Concrete or epoxy paints, pattern paints, simple latex paints, the list is numerous to give your basement a trendy and chic look. Additionally, styles and patterns can be created using sponge paint techniques that imitate natural stone or granite. However, in case you have a bare cement underneath, it is better to first get it etched and then proceed towards painting.
You can also pick up carpets for flooring your dry basements. Apart from being cheap and soft, carpets are highly effective in creating a warm and cozy atmosphere. Nonetheless, do not install your carpet on a damp basement as it is likely to hold a lot of moisture. Plus, it would attract loads of mold, mildew and dust mites.
Rubber Flooring
Found in a large variety of colors, rubber flooring is cheap, functional and exudes an impressive look. Soft, shock absorbent and water proof, rubber flooring can be easily installed even in a kids’ playroom. The best advantage of choosing rubber flooring is its resistance to mold and mildew.

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