A carpet on the floor of your basement can make it look that much better. Read your way through this article for ideas on carpets for basements.

Basement Carpet Ideas

Why blow up a bomb by going in for an expensive flooring option for your basement, when there are a million carpets to choose from? You may not be able to fly with the carpets you buy for your basement, but you can be rest assured that carpets can be easy on your pocket and look great on your basement floor. Carpets, since time immemorial, have only been confined to the limits of the living room. All this changed when a very wise man decided to step away from the overdone and opted to carpet the floor of his basement too. Not all of us however are fortunate enough to live in houses with basements, but for those who do; the value of the basement can never be overstressed. This is exactly why it is important to have and maintain a good looking basement floor and what better way to get to a great looking basement floor than to carpet it. Read on to discover a pocketful of ideas on carpets for the basement.

Ideas On Carpets For Basements

Level Loop Piles
One of the best and most reliable carpet ideas for your basement involves level loop piles and Saxony. If you plan on frequenting your basement and know for sure you will be spending a lot of time there, level loop piles are your safest bet. Level loop piles come in a variety of colors and designs, and are also extremely sturdy. They really are best suited for areas that will have a lot of people stepping foot in. 

Carpet Tiles
Carpet tiles are just like regular tiles, only they are made out of the material that carpets are made of. Carpet tiles score high when it comes to installation and moving them from place to place. For example, it wouldn’t be as easy as it is to move level loop piles as it is to move carpet tiles. In terms of level of difficulty associated with moving level loop piles or any other carpeting option, carpet tiles are really a world apart. Carpet tiles apart from being as convenient as they are to move also come with the opportunity for being creative. By using different patterns and colors to style your basement floor, you can ensure that your basement floor is unique to you and does not even come close to resembling that of a friend’s. 

Waterproof Carpets
Basements are prone to getting flooded with water, and that is as good as a fact. This is exactly why most people are not fond of the idea of flooring their basements with carpets. However, to get rid of the bane of soaking wet carpets, you can always find a great alternative in waterproof carpets. Due to their obvious advantages, waterproof carpets are all the rage now and can also be bought in different colors, sizes and patterns. So, if you’re looking to carpet your basements and do away with the worry of wet carpets, waterproof carpets are the way to go! 

Area Rugs
It is not a complete must for you to carpet your entire basement floor. Instead, you can accentuate your floor by placing large and small rugs on spots you are going to frequent. For example, if you have a couch in your basement, you can place a large rug next to it. Rugs score over completely carpeted basements in the areas of economy and maintenance. They really are that much cheaper to buy and that much easier to maintain. Rugs can also be folded from time to time and put to use only when needed. Opt for area rugs if you’re looking for a cheap and easily maintainable alternative for carpets. 

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