Looking for best flooring for your bathroom? If yes, then read this write up for some tips on bathroom floorings.

Best Flooring For Bathrooms

While choosing flooring for your bathroom, you need to consider a lot of details. Bathroom flooring should be water and stain resistant, and at the same time should look beautiful. Plus, for safety reasons, it should be non slippery as well. You will generally go to your bathroom barefoot, so the floorings should be easy on your feet. While selecting your bathroom flooring you will also want it to be cheap and durable so that it lasts for a long time. Bathroom floorings require regular cleaning to avoid scum accumulation and staining, so it should be easy to clean as well. Consider the needs of your family while choosing your bathroom floorings. From traditional vinyl linoleum floorings to modern marble finishes, there are several options for you to consider. If you are looking for different flooring options, then here are some of the best flooring ideas for your bathroom. Read on to learn more.

Best Flooring Options For Bathroom

Vinyl Flooring
Vinyl flooring has been the most traditional and popular bathroom flooring for several decades. Vinyl flooring comes in a wide range of colors and designs, plus you can also get them in full sheeting or tiles. It is good to pick the full sheeting for bathroom flooring as the tiles can come out at the edges and water can get in and cause damage to the floor. The best thing about vinyl flooring is that, it is cheap but durable and lasts for several years. The strong surface of the vinyl floor can withstand regular wear and tear. Plus, it is water and stain resistant as well, and thus it makes the perfect choice for bathroom flooring. Cleaning vinyl flooring is also very easy. A wet mop and a broom are enough to take care of your vinyl bathroom flooring. However, avoid using abrasive cleansers to clean your vinyl flooring as it can ruin the finish. 

Concrete Or Stone Flooring
If budget is not a constraint for you, stone or concrete floors can be a good option for bathroom floorings. Although, stone flooring costs more, the finish is fantastic. Plus, being heavy, the durability is also very good. If you are opting for concrete flooring, you have a wide array of colors and design to choose from. Concrete and stone flooring can be slippery sometimes, so keep it clean and choose the right texture. Use a damp mop to clean the surface. If you are interested in creating a whimsical look, go for floors that have embedded objects in them.

Ceramic Tiles
Ceramic tile floors have been used for bathroom flooring for a long time. Its waterproof property makes it a great choice as bathroom flooring. Plus, ceramic tiles are also hygienic and serve as great bathroom flooring material. While selecting ceramic tiles, be sure to check its porosity so that you don’t end up buying the wrong tiles, unsuitable for bathroom flooring. Ceramic tiles are a great way to décor your bathrooms as they are available in wide range of shades. While you can choose solid colors, tiles with motifs also look good. Tiles require regular maintenance to keep them stain free, but cleaning ceramic tiles is quite easy. A damp cloth and soap water is sufficient to keep it clean and shiny.

Laminate Flooring
Some people prefer Laminate flooring for their bathrooms. Oak is considered to be one of the best woods for bathrooms. Slate, travertine, and pine are also popular choices.

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