Wondering when the best time to water a lawn is? Well, if you are totally clueless on the best time to water lawns, then reading the following article should leave you with answers.

Best Time To Water Lawn

Wish to add some life to your tad old landscape? Then your lawn is indeed the best place to begin with. There can be absolutely no bigger eye-candy than a plush manicured lawn, handsomely done and impeccably kept. Lawncare is more of an obsession and often extends itself beyond mowing, seeding, spraying and weeding. Having a lush green turf is never like a walk in the park and often requires right skills and perfect know-how. Remember, something as simple as hosing your lawn incorrectly can turn your lush turf into an eye sore and turn your spectacular sod into a hay bale. If you wish to evade the lawn blues and pride yourself on a plush turf, striking enough to give your next-door-neighbor a heartburn, then checking out the following write-up on best time to water a lawn should leave your one of the most important lawn cure queries answered. To know more on this, read on.
When Is The Best Time To Water Lawns 
  • Mid-summer drought, heat waves and even the scorching noon sun can blaze your slick manicured turf and make your lush lawn look totally fagged. However, with a little care and proper watering, the once plush lawn can be all yours again.  Watering your turfgrass in the smart way and at the right time can make all the difference and leave you with a lavish front yard. And what better time than early morning to get splashing!
  • Lawns need at least one inch of water per week to stay healthy and green. Most people water their lawns adequately every week but with little results. Reason? Well, before you lift the water hose and get spraying, understand that watering your sod everyday is pretty much pointless unless you do it at the right time. Dousing your turf with water during odd hours will not only stump your efforts but will also dehydrate your grasses. The cue is to water your grass when it is more receptive.
  • Morning is inarguably the best time to hose your turf. Since plants in general tend to be more receptive during this hour, they can easily use up any moisture with extreme efficiency. Early morning is the ideal time to safely spray the leaves of pest-ridden plants like lilacs and roses as harsh rays of soaring sun tends to soak up all moisture during the day, thereby leaving your plants parched and dry. It’s best to water the base of your plants always unless you have one good reason to wet the leaves. Also all kinds of foliar feeding is more effective during the wee hours of the morning than late noon.
  • If you really lust for a lush lawn, then never ever water your turf when the sun is high up! As the day wanes, plants tighten up their cells to retain moisture. Thus, watering your plants during the noon or on a scorching summer day is futile as the plants cease to absorb any moisture during the day and you lose out more water due to evaporation.
  • Contrary to what most people think, evenings are the worst time to water your plants. Agreed that plant cells tend to loosen up once the sun goes down, however, evenings are not the ideal time to water your plants, especially the pest-inflicted ones, since these poor plants have to wait for a good 13-14 hours to dry up before the sun hits the horizon again. By then, the wily pests are sure to have their nasty way out with them. 

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