Check out some easy tips to remove hard water stains.

Cleaning Hard Water Stains

Hard water can be described as the water that has a very high mineral content. It is usually found to be consisting of calcium, magnesium ions and other dissolved compounds, such as bicarbonates and sulphates. Though hard water has not been associated with any health problems so far, it can lead to severe staining of surfaces that come in regular contact with it. The worst problem is that since hard water does not from lather with soap or detergents, you cannot remove the stains by making use the usual cleaning products. In such a case, you have two alternatives - buy products specifically meant for removing hard water stains or make use of home remedies. If the second option is what you are looking for, the tips provided in the following lines are just for you.
Home Remedies for Cleaning Hard Water Stains 
  • Remember that acidic things work the best on hard water stains. So, whenever you want to remove hard water stains, use something that has acidic properties.
  • Put some pure, white vinegar in a spray bottle and spray it on the surface that has hard water stains. Rub with a clean cloth.
  • Take a lemon and cut it into half. Rub the inner part of one of the halves directly on the stain.
  • Put 1 tsp of Calgon in one gallon of water. Wash the stained area with the solution and then rinse with water.
  • Mix white vinegar and baking soda and make a paste. Spread it on the stain and let it sit for a while. Thereafter, rinse thoroughly with water.
  • Put a small amount of baby oil on a clean cloth and rub it over the stained surface.
  • Add some bleach to water. Use the solution to get rid of the hard water stains from almost all the surfaces.
  • Mix equal parts of the vinegar and olive oil. Dip a cloth in this solution and use it to scrub off the stains.

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