Stains and spots such as that of oil, smoke, cello tape, etc. make walls in homes and offices look untidy. This article provides you tips on how to remove wall stains successfully.

How To Remove Wall Stains

All of us want to see the walls in our homes and office to look sparklingly clean. But stains and spots gradually set in, no matter how much one tries to keep the walls in its original condition. Though a little bit of stain here and there on the walls make a house look cozy and lived-in,  too much of it can considerably tone-down the aestheticism making the place look very untidy.
However, the good news is that that these various stains on the walls - be it of crayons, oil / ink spots or any other - can be either cleaned completely or lightened to a considerable extent.  Read the information below to learn how to remove ugly stains from the walls successfully and that too with little effort.
How to remove Wall Stains? 
  • If you wish to remove cello tapes stuck on the walls of your house / office, then do not ever pull them out as it might peel of the paint as well. Instead, gently heat a tea spoon and press it against the cello tape. The cello tape will get removed from the wall without leaving behind any mark.  
  • Due to fireplaces in some homes, it is possible for the walls to get stained by smoke. You can remove the smoke stain from walls by cleaning it with a mixture of ½ cup borax, two spoonfuls of soap flakes, one tablespoon ammonia and a galleon of lukewarm water.  
  • If there are pencil marks on the walls of your room, then you can choose to clean it with white art gum eraser. The same stain can also be removed with two spoonfuls of baking soda mixed with a little bit of water. The very obstinate pencil marks can be rubbed out with a non-gel tooth paste.  
  • Ink spots from your walls can be cleaned with repeated applications of non-oily spray and wiping it with a clean cloth after this.   
  • Crayon marks from the walls can be removed by a damp cloth sprinkled with baking soda. This technique will clean the wall instantly.  
  • Marks / stains caused by water on the walls can be cleaned by mixing dish washing liquid with either color-safe bleach or pre-wash spray.  
  • To remove oil stain from walls, make a paste out of cornstarch and water and apply to area. Let dry at least two hours or so and brush off the mess. The paste soaks up the grease or oil.

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