You can remove wine stains at the snap of your fingers. Check out the wine stains removal tips given below.

Remove Wine Stain

Wine has been savored by human civilization since ancient times and even finds reference in the Bible. Therefore, Wine is termed as one of the antique and mystic fluids of the world. Its unique and sophisticated flavor adds to the essence of the food, complimenting it ideally. If it’s the fear of the spill that is keeping you away from that sumptuous glass of wine, you have nothing to worry; as we provide some very effective wine stain removal tips. So, now you can sip each drop of your relished red wine, enjoying it without thinking about the stains; as we make sure it stays on your mind and not on your clothes and surroundings.
Removal Tips for Stain on Clothes
  • If the dress is labeled as dry clean only, let the professional work at it.
  • Sprinkle some talcum powder or cornstarch on the stain, allowing it to absorb the wine. After drying, brush it up softly to remove the powder.
  • You can also boil some water and dip the stain part of the cloth in it for some time.
  • Another viable option is to blot the area with a cloth soaked in club soda.
  • Even milk can be used in the place of club soda.
  • Put salt over the stained area, wait for few minutes and wash it with running water.
  • For an old red wine stain, soak the area in a 50/50 solution of lemon or vinegar mixed with water. Leave it for some time and then wash it as usual.
  • Another fascinating way of removing a red wine stain is spilling white wine over the stained area. The white wine will neutralize the red pigmentation of the red wine, removing the stain.
Removal Tips for Upholstery
  • Blot the carpet area with a cloth to absorb the extra wine. Wet the stain with a solution containing one tablespoon ammonia in one cup warm water. After ten minutes, lot the stain again with a clean cloth.
  • You can sprinkle table salt over the wet stain on carpet and leave it overnight. In the morning you can vacuum it to see the stain disappear.
  • You can also try applying club soda liberally over the carpet stain. Blot to dry and then sprinkle with salt. When dry, vacuum.
  • For white colored carpets and tablecloths, you can use hydrogen peroxide on the stain and then clean it with a mild carpet shampoo mixed with water.
  • Make a paste of non-chlorine soap powder with water. Apply it to the red wine stain and leave it for five to ten minutes. Launder the tablecloth as usual.

To remove the wine stain from wooden furniture, rub the area with paste wax, silver polish or a cloth dampened with ammonia. If the spot remains, make a thin paste of boiled linseed oil and rottenstone, and rub it into the stain with your finger. Later, wax or polish.

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