Window valance is used for beautification purpose of a room. You can choose to add a personal touch to a room by making your own window valance. This article instructs you how to do just that.

How To Make Valances

A window valance is an ornamental drapery hung across the topmost portion of the window. Though the main purpose of using a window valance is for beautification, sometimes it also serves to screen certain unattractive structural fixtures. It does not cover the entire window like a curtain, but definitely adds to the framing feature. Various styles of window-valances are in vogue these days. You can even opt to make your own window valance. Read on to learn how:   
For making a window valance, you will ideally require fabric, tape measure, sewing machine and thread. But you can also opt to prepare a window valance without really having to stitch the fabric if you use a glue gun. Valance can be hung either straight on a rod or pleated depending on individual preference. However, don’t forget that even a straight valance has to be as wide as the distance between the external edges of the drapes.
  • For making a window valance, you first need to measure the desired length of the valance fabric starting from its rod. The standard measurement is of around 15 inches. Spread out the fabric on the table face down. 
  • You can select between stamping down the hem of the valance fabric with glue gun and sewing its edge with sewing machine. 
  • Turn over the valance fabric so that the hemmed sides are lying face down. Now roll up the bottom of the valance fabric so that all its edges meet. Mark out one inch of the hem from the top and pin. Stitch the hem. Flip the fabric right-side out so that all of the hems lie face inside. 
  • Measure one and half inches from the line you just sewed. This is where the standard-size curtain rod will be inserted. Increase the size accordingly when using a thicker rod. 
  • Pin across the width and stitch. Insert the rod into the now ready window valance and hang it on the panel. 
  • You can also cram the window valence with newspaper or tissue paper to give it a puffed up look.

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