Kitchen is an important part of home outlay and needs as much attention as a living room or bed room. Find here some important Feng Shui tips to keep your kitchen free of negative energy.

Feng Shui For Kitchen

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese practice of the placement and arrangement of any space in order to achieve harmony with the environment. It is believed to significantly affect the health, wealth, prosperity and personal relationships of individuals occupying or living in that space. As such, the Chinese people employ Feng Shui rules to everything possible whether it in the placement of furniture in homes and offices or any form of architecture.  
The Chinese take their cooking very seriously and so adhere very stringently to Feng Shui rules and tips as far as the kitchen area is concerned. As per this ancient Chinese body of knowledge, a south-facing kitchen is the best because south is associated with the element of fire. At the same time, the kitchen should be clutter-free, clean, organized and well-ventilated kitchen in order to bring in fresh energy.
Out of the various Feng Shui tips for the kitchen, one also forbids family members from eating inside the kitchen premises. This particular Feng Shui kitchen idea is based on the logical thinking that all the noise created by the diners may distract the cook and result in some accident. Same way, telephones, television, kids and pets are also supposed to be kept outside kitchen purview.
The right placement of toilets near kitchen is of utmost importance as per Feng Shui. The kitchen should be separated from the toilet by at least two doors. Otherwise a sink can be stationed between the kitchen and the toilet so that people can wash their hands as they proceed from the washroom towards the kitchen. Feng Shui states that a kitchen door in direct line with the front or back door of the house or both is said to invite illness and loss of money. 

In case the above mentioned position of the kitchen door with that of the front and back doors of the house cannot be avoided or changed, keep the doors shut or hang a plant from the doorway. Place a golden bowl in the kitchen with some rice for greater fortune. Oven denotes the element of fire. So never place an oven near a sink or for that matter anything else denoting the water element, as both can interfere with each other’s functioning and cause disharmony in the house.

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