Feng Shui guidelines can greatly help in inducing positive energy in children’s room and improve their quality of life. Explore the article for some valuable Feng Shui tips for your kids’ room.

Feng Shui Children Room

Feng shui is the ancient Chinese system of aesthetics, which has long been relied upon for inducing happiness, stability and prosperity in people’s lives. The science combines the laws of both Heaven and Earth, to help in the transmission of positive energies in one’s dwelling. Following Feng Shui guidelines for setting up children’s room is believed to be extremely beneficial for their growth, disposition and future development. The article brings you some valuable Feng Shui tips for children room. Follow them to ensure stability and prosperity in your child’s life.
Feng Shui Tips For Kids Room
  • All electric items should be moved away from the sleeping area. The electromagnetic fields created by these items are energy-depleting and they also obstruct the free and clear movement of energy. Some scientific studies have even linked these fields to cancer and other ailments. Therefore, move them as far from the sleeping area of children as possible.
  • The bed should be placed against the wall. Wall, symbolic of support, provides stability and constancy to the children, in their growing years. A wooden bed is preferable, as it represents positive growth in the elemental cycle. Also, beds should not be placed in front of a window. This can create a sense of insecurity and vulnerability in the child, while sleeping.
  • Take care that you do not align your child’s bed along the same wall that connects the plumbing to the toilet. The constant rush of water and the elimination of waste can prove to be too powerful for the child, resulting in health problems.
  • All the photos and artwork in the child’s room should be positioned at the eye level of the child, so that he/she is positively stimulated by them.
  • Room decorations should be chosen carefully to encourage success. Maps make a child grounded, globe incites his/her curiosity and planets expand horizons. A fish bowl, aquarium, or shell collection are symbolic of educational success in Feng Shui. A sense of responsibility can be instilled in the child by asking him/her to maintain the aquarium.
  • Keep removing the outgrown clothes and toys from your children’s room on a regular basis. Encourage your child to select something from the outgrown lot and donate it to charity. This will serve to make your child responsible.
  • Place books, tapes, and other related materials in the near left corner of the room, when standing at the door. This will help enhance the child’s knowledge and improve his/her performance in studies.
  • Keep your child’s artwork or drawing table in the right center corner of the room, when standing at the room’s door. This will activate your child’s creativity and artistic skills.
  • Pets should not be allowed to sleep in the child’s room. In case the option is not exercisable, keep the cage or the dwelling of the animal neat and clean. Also, ensure that the pet keeps healthy; else it can have a negative impact on the child’s disposition and health.

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