Dining room, when decorated with the help of feng shui, strengthens family bonds and brings happiness. Explore this article to find feng shui tips for your dining room.

Feng Shui Dining Room

Dining room is one area that can ideally be known for spending family time, as it brings all the members family together to spend some jovial moments. Even in earlier times, sitting together over the morning breakfast, lunch, evening tea times and dinner was considered a way to connect with family members and friends. However, with lack of time and high demands of job, there are slim choices left with people to dine together, leave apart spending time with each other. It is believed that if a family is not able to dine together, it is missing an important aspect of togetherness in life. This time strengthens family bonds through nourishment and communication and opens doors to physical, mental and spiritual peace. If the dining room is designed as per Feng Shui, it further adds to the family bond. Read on to discover some tips on how to design your dining room as per Feng Shui, in turn contributing to the health and good relations of the family members.
Feng Shui Tips For Your Dining Room
Choose a location that is peaceful and away from the main door, so that the family can sit and enjoy its meal without getting bothered by other distractions. If you cannot change the location, hang curtains to block the view of doors or windows. Choose soothing colors for the curtain or wall, but avoid blue color, as it is often considered to be cold and also gives an unappealing look to the food.
Table Shape
Another important aspect is the shape of the table. Feng shui gives you choice to select any shape of the table be it round, square or oval. It, however, warns against the table shapes that have missing corners, except octagons, which are considered auspicious and can be used in the dining arena. Rectangular table, if not too long, also goes well with Feng Shui.
Hanging chandeliers over the dining table will not only give your dining room a soft and glamorized look, but will also improve the mood and chi (energy) at the table. In addition, it will lay the focus on the food and avoid distractions. Using mirrors in the decoration can double the effect of lighting in the room.
Since dining room is meant for a family to eat together, with the focus on food and table, avoid any visual clutters in the room. Use a tablecloth, instead of individual tablemats, to bring togetherness in the family. Choosing carpets and curtains that blend well with the theme and focus of your dining area will add to its exquisiteness. Don’t display sad art in the room.
A picture frame depicting happy family or flower pot will add to the enjoyment of the family dinner. It is strictly advised by Feng Shui to avoid keeping the picture of a lost family member or pets in the room. The picture of a lost family member contributes to the bad health, while animals eat your food symbolically.
Pay attention to the color of the crockery, as it can have several effects on the mood and health. For instance, white color is known to lessen appetite and is quite good for people who seek to lose weight. Avoid colors, like red and blue, as they seem to draw negative energies and increase appetite. The color theme for the rest of the room, including walls and curtains, should be selected as per the compass direction where the dining room is located. Take help of the trigram subject area, to find the specific colors that go well with specific direction.

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