Learn how to choose furniture for your living room, to showcase your home décor in the perfect way. Explore this article to know all about choosing living room furniture.

Choosing Living Room Furniture

Different families prefer different looks for their living rooms. Some enjoy the plush comfort of shabby chic, while others prefer sleek, understated contemporary style look. One of the most adaptable rooms in the house, the living room serves in entertaining guests, spending quality time with family members or even for relaxing alone with a good book. Thus, the flexibility, style and comfort of the room should not be compromised upon. Read on to know all about choosing furniture for your living room.
How To Choose Living Room Furniture
  • Furnishing your living room can sometimes be a daunting task, if you are ignorant of your room's structure and layout. Note the dimensions of your living room and make a layout of your plan to furnish the room. The term 'staging' is consequently used by home fashion designers nowadays.
  • Decide on your interests and tastes, as to how would you want to style your room. What would be the theme, color, etc.?
  • Make a note of the different accessories you want to place in your living room. After making a list, plan their position in the room. Choose furniture items that would complement one another, not clash with different styles.
  • Make sure you purchase the right number of furniture items for your living room, so that it does not look congested. At the same time, it should not look too empty as well.
  • Pay more focus on quality, rather than on the quantity. Prefer to choose brands as they are long-lasting and give a good impression and reputation.
  • Your furniture should strike the perfect balance between comfort, elegance and practicability, because you are the one who would be making the most use of it.
  • While choosing sofas and upholstered chairs, look out for colors and shapes that complement your room shape and style. Go for modern and neutral colors, instead of prints. Loose-back sofas are more casual and comfortable.
  • In case of smaller living rooms, love seats would work better than sofas. Loveseats are sofas built for two people, available in various styles. It is a great choice to complement a sofa and can be purchased along with the sofa or as a separate item.
  • Futons work excellent for small living rooms, especially where guests are expected frequently. They let you stretch out and relax, while watching a DVD. They can even be unfolded to convert it into a bed.
  • Chairs can also be added to give dimension to your furniture design. Look for chairs that coordinate with the color and style of the room. Chairs with upright backs can be used for formal rooms, whereas lounge chairs suit both formal and informal rooms.
  • A wall mounted fat-screen TV would help you place other components around. Entertainment stands are available in many sizes, so you can store all the electronics in there.
  • Bookcases and wall shelves can be added to store and showcase your treasured books, magazines, movie DVDs, CDs, video games and other collectibles. They come in varied styles, like shelves with or without doors, deep or shallow shelves and fixed or adjustable shelves.
  • Coffee, sofa and end tables give you place to set your things. They can be sleek to give a modern look or round and square to give a traditional look. They work best for setting lamps and TVs or drinks and snacks for your guests.

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