Living room makeover is the perfect way to personalize the space as per your taste. Explore some living room makeover tips.

Living Room Makeovers

A living room is supposed to be used for a wide range of purposes. Right from being a place of relaxation to an entertainment area to a room for entertaining guests, the room is used in numerous ways. It is one of those rooms that your guests are bound to see. So, it is important for you to do its interiors properly, as they will reflect much about your personality. In fact, a living room is taken to be an expression of the style, taste, personality and interest of the occupants. So, if you feel that your living is out-dated or has failed to catch up with the change in your tastes, it is the time to go for a makeover and personalize it thoroughly.
Living Room Makeover Tips 
  • First of all, you need to scan your living room completely. Make a note of the things that you use on a regular basis, the one that you want occasionally and those that have been lying idle for a long time. It is the time to throw away the idle items, store occasional things and let the regular ones retain their place.
  • Next, make a list of the activities that you usually indulge in, when in your living room. Is it watching TV, playing games, entertaining guests or eating your meals? Based on your priorities, arrange the furniture once again. Remember, your living room should have enough space for the activities for which it is meant.
  • Determine a focal point in your room, around which everything else will be organized. It might be the fireplace, a particular window or a piece of furniture. The rest of the room has to flow around the focal point. While deciding on the specific feature that will serve as the focal point, keep the attraction as well as usage factor in mind.
  • If you do not find anything in your living room that is worth making the focal point, then create one. For example, get one of the walls painted with an accent color and hang a beautiful painting on it or get a beautiful mural done on it. Then, using it as the focal point, arrange your living room furniture. Like this, you can find other focal pints also.
  • It is very necessary to create a conversation area in your living room. For this, you need to pay emphasis on furniture arrangement, which has to be done in a way that encourages people to talk. Make sure that everyone can face everyone else. At the same time, the seating spaces should be close enough so that no one has to raise his or her voice to be heard.
  • The best way to arrange the furniture is in the horseshoe-shape, that too around the focal point. The sofa can be placed along the longest wall away from the entrance, with a loveseat or two chairs facing it. While the coffee table will occupy the center, there will be another table between the two chairs. Remember to leave enough walking space between the various furniture items.
  • You can arrange the entire conversation area on a rug, to create a cozy ambience. Lamps and accessories can also be used for adorning the area. As for the space outside the area, it can be used for keeping the TV, sectioning off reading space, placing screens, creating gaming section, and so on. Just remember to let your creativity flow.
  • Lamps and other lighting equipments can be used to brighten up various areas of a living room, especially the corner ones. The wide variety in the color and shapes of lamp shades ensures that they can be used to complement any and every décor, right from the traditional to the modern to the vintage.

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