Making stuff out of trash requires a little bit of creativity. You can easily make beautiful decorative pieces out of discarded materials. Read on to learn how to build stuff out of trash.

How To Build Stuff Out Of Trash

Trash art has been in vogue for many years. In fact, many artists take keen interest in working with items that are normally discarded in dustbin. A pile of meaningless scrap can sometimes prove to be a raw material for making beautiful crafts. It is simply a matter of opening the mind to new and unique ways of doing things. Making stuff out of trash is very easy, provided you have the required artistic skill, which is nothing but a little bit of creativity. Read on to explore some ways to build stuff out of trash.
How To Build Stuff Out Of Trash 
  • A beautiful grocery bag can be made out of your old worn-out pair of pants. Equip yourself with a pair of scissors - with zig-zag edges, needle and thread. Cut off the top of the pants, just above the legs. Turn the top inside out and sew the bottoms. Cut put strips from the legs and sew them as handle. Your grocery bag is ready!
  • Using crumpled plastic bags and leftover paints, you can make beautiful wall paintings.
  • People have a tendency to throw out old lamps. Give a whole new life to the lamps by replacing the lamp socket with switch. Repaint the ceramic bases.  
  • Old greeting cards can be made into beautiful photo frames. You may also recycle the old cards and turn them into writing papers.
  • Use a little bit of creativity to make beautiful mosaic art pieces out of broken dishes.
  • An assortment of discarded glass pieces, tableware and toys can be used to make wind chimes.
  • If your old shelves are falling apart, don't dump them. Instead, add a few nails and coat the shelves with two to three layers of new paint. Your brand new set of shelves is ready to use!
  • Discarded metal cans and boxes can serve as storage containers.
  • Decorative bottles can be made out of applesauce jars and glass containers that have textured or embossed decorative surfaces. Dip the jars in hot water to soak off the labels. Fill them with fresh water and add few drops of vegetable coloring in each of the containers. Place the decorative bottles on a window sill. They will sparkle in the sunlight!

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