While decorating living room, comfort should be given the priority. Read on to explore tips and ideas for living room decoration.

Living Room Decorating Ideas

Living room is the place where you spend time as a family, watching TV, having tea or just chatting with one another, and entertain guests as well. It is one of those rooms where you can experiment at will and let your creativity flow. The living room serves as a reflection of your personality and should be decorated accordingly. While decorating it, remember that the basic idea is to convert it into such a place where you can sit comfortably and have a good time. Rest everything will fall into place!
Living Room Decoration Tips 
  • One of the first things that you need to pay attention to, while decorating your living room, is the colors used therein. It is always advisable to use lighter and neutral shades for the walls, as they look inviting and always remain in vogue. At the same time, they go with a wide range of palettes and patterns, making it easy for you to change the décor. 
  • After the walls, let us now come to the flooring. Waxed hardwood floors look excellent. You can also go for the usual flooring, with wall to wall, neutral color carpet. Area rugs are another option for flooring.
  • You need to pay attention on furniture arrangement. If the living room is large enough, divide it into two or three separate seating areas. Otherwise, go for one big cluster. Making the furniture face an important structure, such as fireplace, huge window, arch or full-size painting or mural, will add to the overall look.
  • Whatever be the type of flooring used, you can use area rugs to define seating areas. This will help add color to the room. If you have two or more seating areas in the living room, area rugs can surely help tie things together.
  • You can either have the furniture in color fabric or go for neutral furniture and add lots of colorful and decorative pillows. This will help impart a very warm, cozy and inviting feel to the living room. If you don’t want to use pillows, colorful throws can serve as an option.
  • If you add pictures, painting or murals to the living room after arranging it, make sure to select the wall that faces the furniture. Using the wall above or besides the furniture will not let them receive proper attention and appreciation. The wall above the seating area is perfect for cloth hangings.
  • Mirror is another decorative item that you can use in your living room. Make sure that its frame goes with the overall décor of the room. At the same time, remember to hang it at such a place that people do not see their reflection, especially when sitting on the sofa or chairs.
  • Windows make up another important aspect of your living room. Go for drapes or curtains that complement the style that you have chosen for the room, as a whole. Still, rich fabrics are always preferred, as they impart a feel of comfort and luxury.
  • While decorating your living room, never ever take the lighting for granted. It should be adequate, but not too harsh. An updated overhead fixture will be best for general lighting, while task lighting should be done using lamps. You can also use candles, in different colors and sizes, as accessories as well as for mood lighting. 
Some Ideas 
  • You can adorn your living room with a tall silk tree, which will not only soften the overall décor, but also make the room look colorful. You can place it next to the entrance, in the foyer or next to the TV.
  • Placing a small fish tank in the living is a good idea for bringing some life into it. Another option is a fountain, which is sure to charm all the guests who come to visit you.
  • If your living room is big enough, you can use a decorative divider and separate it into two parts - TV room and living room. Japanese paper screens work best in this case, dividing the room and permitting diffused light as well.
  • Flowers can help brighten even the dullest of rooms. You can adorn your living room with a flower arrangement, in a basket or a tall vase, enlivening the atmosphere.

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