Homemade pillowcase is very cost-effective and a personalized decorative piece for your home. Read on and know how to make a pillowcase.

How To Make A Pillowcase

Pillow is one of the small, but significant decorative items. In fact, it is important to dress up the cushioned pillows appropriately. Moreover, it should complement the furniture and theme of your home décor. Pillowcases can prove to be expensive, especially when you think about decorating your home economically. However, by making pillowcases at home, you can not only reduce your costs, but also add a personal touch to the theme. Moreover, homemade pillowcase can be stitched quite easily. In fact, it is perhaps the simplest sewing project.
All the materials that are needed for creating pillow covers are easily available commercially. Whether it is the satin covers that attract you or the simple cotton ones that you want, you can select the fabric according to your own choice and preferences. You can also engage your kids to help you in the process. There are innumerous ways and possibilities by which you can create homemade pillow covers. You can even employ your own creativity to make the pillowcases unique and interesting. For instance, for children, you can decorate with Disney characters and add lots of frills and laces. Read on the article to know more on how to make a pillowcase at home, without much effort.
Decorative Homemade Pillowcase
Supplies Needed 
  • Needle
  • Fabric
  • Matching Thread
  • Measuring Tape
  • Scissors
  • Satin Ribbon
  • Sewing Machine (optional) 
  • Measure the dimensions of the pillow, using an inch tape.
  • Select the fabric of your own choice and wash it, before stitching it for the pillow cover.
  • Fold the washed fabric lengthwise. Make sure that finished part of the fabric is on the inner side. It should also have straight and square edges, so make sure that the cut is also made in the right way. A lot depends on the way the fabric is being measured and cut.
  • Sew the fabric lengthwise as well as on one of the short ends. Now, turn it upside down, so that the right side is now facing out.
  • Stitch around the entire open end of the fabric in a zigzag manner. Ensure that you do not close the top of the pillowcase by sewing it.   
  • Fold the fabric down, toward the inside of the pillowcase and make a half-inch hem on its open side.
  • In order to keep the hem on place, iron it flat and then sew a straight stitch on it.
  • The seams should be trimmed and stitched neatly and finely. Also, make double stitches, if possible, to give extra strength to the cover. The stitches can be either hand-made or made with the help of a sewing machine. The latter will cut down on your efforts and you will be able to get a smooth stitch.
  • Pin a four-inch hem, which you have folded down, towards the inner portion of the pillowcase.
  • Now, sew a straight stitch around the bottom edge of the pillowcase.
  • To give the final addition to your pillowcase, add a satin ribbon over the hemstitching.

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