Decorative home decor and fashion accessories today make use of crystals in many ways, making it one of the raging trends among the people. Know more about crystal decorative trends in India.

Crystal Decorative Trends

Accessorizing your home with brass items or marble products is passé. Now, it is exclusively the age of crystal. Today, crystals are one of the most favored decorative accessories for urban home décor and fashion garments. They not only add to the elegance of your contemporary home interiors, but also display your refined sense of fashion, when it comes to crystal-bedecked clothes and accessories. Whether it is adding an artwork of crystal flowers or figurine to the display case in your living room, or beads of crystals in your clothes; these sparkling gems today sell like hot cakes in the market. Know crystal decorative trends in the various areas of life.
Dress and Accessories
Use of crystals is even the hallmark of the fashion industry today. Gone are the days when glittering gems were used for making jewelries only. Contemporary fashion unveils the use of fine crystals pieces on bridal wears, bags, belts, shoes, and even designer lingerie. Crystal-bejeweled hems, necklines and cuffs are the most in-thing today. Bold crystal stones kiss the feet of many fashionable ladies in the form of expensive footwear. Dainty bags and trendy belts drip with crystals and are seen as classy embellishments in the world of accessories. Today, an evening without a single piece of crystal accompanying you to the party would surely be considered a sin.
Home Décor
Where would a stylish home be without some crystal statuettes and utensils? Apart from the use of crystals in dress and accessories; they are also used to adorn many a contemporary homes. From table decors to desk accessories, crystals find a chic corner in every elegant room. Crystal home decorative products today include chandeliers, candle holders, vases, picture frames and other window accessories. Designer cutleries and bar accessories (like wine glasses, ice buckets, decanters and martini pitchers) with various functional designs are available, that lend an exclusive touch to any home.
Swarovski Crystals - the Must Have!

You can check out some of the most precisely cut crystal products of ‘Swarovski’ to understand the magic that crystals can really create. From exquisite vases to quality bar accessories, they have it all. The Swarovski brand is a cut above the rest, with their valuable crystal-cutting technique and progressive sense of style. Though it faces bottleneck competition from Chinese and Czech rivals; this avant-garde brand still is the undisputed king in the world of crystals.

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