Decorating your kitchen in Mediterranean style will enhance its beauty. Check out design ideas & themes for a Mediterranean kitchen.

Mediterranean Style Kitchen

Many of us would like to have a kitchen that reflects the light and airy side of nature. A kitchen that has less clutter and more space and light is always more appealing and even relaxing. A Mediterranean style kitchen is exactly what you need. With simplicity defining every corner of a Mediterranean style kitchen, this is the perfect kind of style for all those who don’t want to try too hard for cleanliness. Since the design and styling is absolutely simple, it not only looks appealing but is also very de-stressing to work in. the themes and design ideas for a Mediterranean style kitchen is usually taken from the nature. To know more, read on.
The Inspiration
The Mediterranean style is reflected in households of places like Egypt, Libya, Algeria, southern France, Spain, Turkey, etc. Here, the winters are warm and these places are surrounded by the sea. The kitchen window usually opens up to a water-body in order to combat the harshness of the sun. In these places, the ceilings are quite high to allow enough air to come in. the floors are usually wooden or are covered with natural stone slabs or unpolished marbles and the walls are bright, decorated with ceramic tiles.
Themes and Designs 
  • Mediterranean style kitchens offer natural solutions to cool off and also have enough options for technological functionality. Opting for a simple theme like focusing on colors instead of the furniture will definitely be of more use.
  • Since most Mediterranean houses are built around a courtyard, it always helps if you have a kitchen garden or a backyard. It increases the flow of fresh air inside the kitchen, making it less stuffy. If you cannot have a backyard, consider having a corner or a window sill for potted plants.
  • The kitchen walls are usually plastered with lime since they allow the walls to breathe. Keep in mind that they need to be renewed almost every year with a fresh coating.
  • When choosing a color, keep in mind that the color palette for Mediterranean style kitchen is ruled by three major regions - Greece, Africa and Provence. In the Greece palette, a strong contrast of colors is used such as lime white wash for the walls and blue borders for the windows. The Provence palette is dominated with colors inspired from sunflower and lavender, olive gardens and vineyards like dark tones of green and blue, lilacs, dark pinks, yellows and terracotta. The African palette is dominated by terracotta color, inspired from the mountains and deserts.
  • The interiors of a Mediterranean kitchen are generously decorated with Ceramics. The most popular designs include flower patterns or geometrical shapes. They are not only decorative but also quite convenient when it comes to cleaning and maintaining. You may also use Mosaics on the floors. Make sure you use heat resistant material near the stove / furnace.
  • You may also use Carpets or Small Rugs in the kitchen. Most of them are made of strong or coarse fabrics and also provide protection to the floor against any accidental spillage. The designs are usually very vibrant and the most common ones are geometrical patterns like eight cornered stars, triangles, squares, circles, spirals or abstract themes.

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