Mediterranean style bedroom décor places emphasis on achieving a harmonious blend, which appeals to the eye. Explore the article to find amazing decorations tips for Mediterranean style bedrooms.

Mediterranean Style Bedroom Décor

Mediterranean décor design has been inspired from some specific regions of the world, including Italy, Southern Spain, Greece, Tuscany, Turkey and North Africa. To decorate your bedroom in a Mediterranean style, it is important to emphasize on natural raw materials such as wood. A hand crafted finish to wood gives the appearance that the furniture has been passed on from one generation to the next, which is precisely what the Mediterranean look seeks to achieve. Beautiful colors and interesting textures are equally identified with this type of décor. The idea is to achieve a soothing and harmonious blend, which at the same time, is also appealing to the eye. With this article, know more on Mediterranean-style bedroom décor.
Decoration Tips For Mediterranean Style Bedroom
Tiles that have a brick like look make up a very popular Mediterranean design for flooring of the bedroom. Apart from brown, terracotta color is also preferable for these tiles. Tiles patterned with simple, yet elegant, flowers like daisies can be another interesting design for the floors of your Mediterranean bedroom.
In a typical Mediterranean decoration, the walls have a warm look. Tones of brown, amber, olive green and terracotta are a good option for coloring your walls in the style. Think of decorations in the regions that make up for Mediterranean fashion. Most of these places have a warm weather, which will instantly make you think of the bright sun. Paint your bedroom walls in soothing and tranquil colors, which are preferred against the heat of sun. The walls can also be imparted a thick and stony look, using plaster and stone.
Windows have an important role to play, when it comes to making a Mediterranean style statement. The windows in your bedroom should be constructed in such a way so as to make them look deep into the wall. Cover the windows with shutters, for the best bedroom look.
The furniture of a Mediterranean-looking bedroom has to be simple. It should not be overtly elegant, nor should it look minimalist. Solid wood gives a nice touch and appearance to the furnishing pieces. A very beautiful bed style would be four posters, free of the canopy, curtains and excess decorations.
Decoration Accessories
A Mediterranean-themed bedroom calls for simple decorations, laced with a few accessories. Popular decorative items for decorations feature in the form of paintings, mirrors, intricately designed candle or light holders for the wall. Too many decorative objects will add to clutter in the bedroom, which will make it look very loaded. Proper positioning of the items for decoration is also essential to achieve that perfect Mediterranean look.
Some Helpful Tips 
  • In case you are going for crisp white walls in your bedroom, accessorize them by combining with wrought iron and bright fabrics.
  • Go for intricately carved wrought iron beds for that distinctive Mediterranean look.
  • Try to use chair backs, candlesticks and unobtrusive light bulbs to decorate the bedroom. Make sure that you don’t over do any thing, in so far as decorations are concerned.

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