The fad of decorating bathrooms Mediterranean style has become very popular these days. Make use of the Mediterranean bathroom decor tips given here, to create the look for your bathroom too.

Mediterranean Bathrooms

Mediterranean style of decoration is becoming very popular these days, mainly because of the perfect combination of simplicity and elegance it offers. Terracotta tiles, natural stones, unpolished marbles, ceramics, mosaics, carpets, flowing materials, etc are some of the basic items that make up the Mediterranean look. Such is the popularity of the Mediterranean style that people are opting for it to decorate their bathrooms too. If you are one of those who want a Mediterranean look for their bathroom, make use of the tips given below.
Mediterranean Bathroom Decor Tips 
  • The first thing that you have to keep in mind while decorating your bathroom the Mediterranean style is the color scheme. You can go for the Greece-style Mediterranean look, in which the walls and ceiling have lime white-wash and the covers and frames of window and door are painted blue. Another option is to create the Provence-style Mediterranean look, in which tones of green and blue, lilacs, dark pinks and yellows are dominant.
  • Mediterranean look makes extensive use of ceramics in the bathroom, in interiors as well as on the walls. The ceramics are usually adorned with stylized flowers and geometrical motifs. However, make sure to do the water insulation before using the ceramics.
  • Carpets and rugs form a very important part of the Mediterranean look. Make sure to use them in those areas where there are no chances of water spilling over.
  • If you love to luxuriate in the bathroom and have enough space too, you can keep some basic furniture inside it. Wrought iron furniture works best in case of bathrooms.
  • Hanging curtains always adds to the look of the bathroom, apart from ensuring privacy. In case of curtains, go for light and flowing fabrics like silk, flax and cotton. You can also add wooden or ironwork cornices for completing the look.
  • If possible, add open wooden shelves in the bathroom (usually mounted to the wall). Adorn them with things like ceramic plates, terracotta cooking pots, hand painted glasses, etc.

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