It is really hard to differentiate real diamonds from the fakes. Read further to know as to how to tell if a diamond is real.

How To Tell If A Diamond Is Real

Most people love to own this sparkling precious stone. Moreover, when it is gifted, the charm is doubled. So, be it for your own use or to gift someone, diamond is just right for every occasion. While purchasing diamonds, be watchful as there is always a possibility to get deceived by the fake ones. Though it is a hard job and gemologist is the right person to head for, you can still refer some points to make out the authenticity of diamond.
Look through the Diamond: In case the diamond is the form of change or not mounted, upturn it and place it on a piece of newspaper. If reading is possible through the stone or even you can see vague black marks, then it is possibly not a diamond. To check a mounted diamond, see from above if you can see the bottom. If you can see, then too, it is a fake diamond.  
Observe the Reflections: Various shades of grey are often visible in reflection of a real diamond. In case you find rainbow reflections, you’re either handling a low-quality diamond or a fake.
Take The Side View: Usuallyfake diamonds are made to sparkle at the top, but check it from a side angle as to how it shines and reflects. Real diamonds are as reflective as all around, while fake diamonds appears dull when observed from the side.
Fog the Stone: Bring the stone close to your mouth and breathe over it. In case the stone remains ‘foggy’ for 2-4 seconds, then it is certainly fake. Real diamonds get clear by the time you take a look.
Drop the Stone in Water: Many fake diamonds are studded with real diamond cap but actually they have got false base. By dropping the stone in water, it would be easier to see a joint if there is any.
Weigh The Stone: The cap cubic zirconia weighs about 55% in excess of diamonds having same shape and size. Make use of a carat or gram scale so as to evaluate the stone as compared to a real diamond.
Check the Setting and Mount: Real diamonds are not possibly set in cheap metals. Present inside the setting, stamps indicate real gold or platinum, like 14K, 18K, 585, 950, PT, Plat etc, are good to deal with. While a stamp, like C.Z., confirms that it is a fake stone.
Place the Stone under UV Light: A real diamond usually reflects blue fluorescence under an ultra violet or black light, though this rule doesn’t apply to all diamonds. The occurrence of a medium to strong blue verifies that the stone is real. However, the nonexistence of blue doesn’t suggest the stone is counterfeit; probably it a better quality diamond. Appearance of colors, like green, yellow or gray fluorescence, could be from a Moissanite.
Test the Stone with Heat: Without harming the stone, this is a simple way to test the stone. Since real stones disperse heat rapidly, they don’t heat up even at test. Takes about 30 seconds, this test is generally done free of charge at jewelry shops.
Ask For A Certificate: There is no guaranteeof diamond unlessit bears a quality certificate with it. So, while buying diamond, always ask for its certification (from a recognized diamond grading authority). This is more important when you buy stones on the internet.

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