If want to change the look of you bedroom, Bohemian decorating style is a very good option. Read on to get useful tips on Bohemian bedroom decorating.

Bohemian Decorating

One of the best ways to break the monotony in your life is by changing the surrounding that you live in. How do you do this? Simple! By completely changing the look of atleast your bedroom, if redoing the entire house is not possible. If you thinking along these lines only, this article will prove as the perfect help for you. Here, we have provided a number of tips that will help you in decorating your bedroom the Bohemian way. It will involve the use of luxurious fabrics, strong colors and freestyle decorating patterns. The details are very diverse and the linens used are generously loud and heavily patterned.
Bohemian Bedroom Decorating
Items Needed
  • Fabrics (in bright colors)
  • Paint (in bright colors)
  • Knick knacks 
  • The first thing that you should do to create a Bohemian décor for your bedroom is to change the color of the walls. The trick here is to go for bold colors like red, orange, blue, etc.
  • The next step will be to accentuate the color of the walls with that of the linen. The color of the bedspreads and curtains should be contrasting with that of the walls.
  • Light fixtures and lamps are the things that you need to look into next. Select those fixtures that cast deep hues. You can even wrap the lamp shades with scarves to alter the lighting.
  • Use lots and lots and lots of accessories to decorate you room. Bohemian look is all about celebration. Not even a single corner should be left untouched and austere. The knick knacks that you choose should have rich colors and embellished exteriors. You can go for antique showpieces too.
  • Bohemian look is all about patterns and this should be included in your bed too. You can make use of quilts, bedspreads or duvets in rich colors. Accessorize the bed with an assortment of pillows, throws, blankets, etc. You can even use a mosquito net or canopy for covering the bed.
  • Do not leave the walls with just a bold paint. Things like atypical artwork, tapestries or wallpaper should be used to highlight it. Using wall hangings is another good option. 
Some Tips
  • You can make use of old dupattas as well as saris to decorate the walls and windows of the bedroom.
  • Make use of candles. You can even burn scented candles or incense to give your bedroom a complete Bohemian look.
  • Never ever match one accessory with the other. Bohemian style involves the use of mismatched and unusual home decor items.

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