Do you want to revamp the décor of your boring room into a modern haven? If yes, then read this article to get tips for decorating your bedroom in a modern style.

Modern Bedroom Décor

Imagine relaxing in a room that is amazingly adorned with clear spaces and has no clutter! Doesn’t it sound purely blissful, after a hard day at work? Most of us neglect the fact that our room can be the best place for achieving a tranquil retreat. Remember, your bedroom is your own private sanctuary and you definitely deserve providing this benefit to your own self. One of the best ways to achieve this would be to revamp the look of your bedroom. It would not only give your bedroom a face-lift, but also help soothe your nerves in a better way. Modern or contemporary look is the latest rage this season, to liven up the look of the room. The best feature about modern décor is that it makes the room look trendy and appealing, but in a simple manner. In case you are looking forward to refurbish the décor of your bedroom to get a modern look, read on. Herein, we have provided decorating tips for getting that perfect modern bedroom look.
Modern Bedroom Decorating Tips
What is the first thing you notice when you enter a room? The color, isn’t it? In case you want your bedroom to revel a contemporary look, go for modern shades. The latest trend is to go for multi shades of a particular color. Instead of painting your room in two to three colors, get the walls done in hues of a single color. This would give your room a thematic appearance and also add the warmth. Some of the most popular modern color palettes are range of browns and purples. In case you want a classic modern look, white and black would be the best bet.  
Simple, yet elegant is the key to get the furniture for a contemporary setting. Go for dark wood or black paint finish furnishings. This would give a stylish and sophisticated feel to the room. As for the designing, make sure that there are no curves or any kind of ornamentation done. Simple and straight furniture is the best deal. Coming to the technicalities, while low-line beds are a hot favorite for getting that perfect modern look, for the closet get one that is sleek yet spacious. Make sure that there is minimal furniture and enough space for movement.  
Lighting plays a very important role in a modern bedroom décor. It not only enlivens the room, but also makes it lively, portraying forward the right beauty. Instead of going for the boring tubes, get hold of single lamps with bright lights. Place the lights in strategic locations, so that the entire room looks strikingly stunning, when the lights are switched on. In case you have false ceiling in your room, have lights all around it. This would give your room a brighter façade. Remember, a modern look is never complete without a lamp-shade. Get one that beautifully complements the theme of the room.  
A modern bedroom does not go overboard with a lot of accessories. Select only a few eye-catching accents and place them strategically or else you might make the room look clustered. For instance, a simple long-lined glass vase adorned with single flowers is the best accessory for your side table. Install simple rugs and fabrics in the room. As for the bedspreads, get ones that incorporate geometric patterns such as squares, circles or even amoeba shapes. These would add the much needed drama and character to the room. Enliven the look of the bed by mixing different textures for the bed spreads. In case your budget permits, get hold of modern artwork that complements the look of your room. Make sure you coordinate all your purchases as well.

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