Beagle dogs are reputed as scenthounds, due to their strong sense of smell, though they are shorter than most of the other hounds. Explore the article to know more about this dog breed.

Beagle Dogs

Breed: Hound
Height: 13-16 inches
Weight: 20-25 pounds
Coat Type: Short & coarse
Beagle is a member of the hound group and bears a similar appearance to the foxhound. The difference lies in the shorter legs and longer, softer ears of the former. These dogs are classified scenthounds, with a strong sense of smell and natural tracking instincts. Due to these qualities, beagles are employed as detection dogs for proscribed agricultural imports and foodstuffs in quarantine. However, they were primarily developed for the purpose of tracking games like hare, rabbit, etc. This dog breed has also gained popularity as a pet, owing to its even temper and moderate size. Let us know more about this dog breed.
The beagle dog breed is an ancient one. Its historical details are a little ambiguous, but the dog is believed to originally belong to England. Its name was first mentioned in some writings published in 1475. This dog breed has been a superb companion to sportsmen for since many hundred years. A standard beagle type was developed in the 1840’s, though variations in size, character, reliability was evident among the emerging packs. These dogs were imported to US for the purpose of hunting in packs. Beagles have hunted in different climates, and with diverse companions, including jackal, wild pig, and deer.
Beagle dogs have a smooth skin. The shape of their skull partially resembles a dome. The muzzle is medium-length and square cut and the eyes are large, with a mild pleading look. The eye color is hazel or brown. The dog has large ears, rounded at the tips and turning slightly towards the cheeks. It has a broad chest, narrowing to a tapered abdomen and waist. The short tail is white at the tip and slightly curled. Beagles have short, but sturdy legs.
Beagles are amiable creatures, known to be sweet, docile and lovable. Their temperament is courageous, fun-loving and intelligent. These dogs enjoy company and also befriend strangers easily, though they might be a little wary in the beginning. They are reputed to be good watch dogs, due to their tendency to bark or howl, when they meet the unknown or find themselves in strange situations. These dogs are popular as family pets, as they are excellent with children. Being pack animals, they become anxious at separation. They get along well with other dogs. Their immense stamina ensures that they do not tire easily. Regular exercise will help in controlling their weight.
Genetic Diseases
Beagle dog breed is vulnerable to epilepsy, though medication can effectively control it. The occurrence of hypothyroidism and a few types of dwarfism is not uncommon in these dogs. There are two conditions seen in beagles, one being funny puppy, in which the puppy’s development is slow and hence, it develops weak legs. In the other condition, the dog has a crooked back and is susceptible to many illnesses, in spite of being healthy otherwise. Beagles represent a chondrodystrophic breed, which implies that they are prone to disk diseases.
The straight, sleek and smooth coat of Beagle dogs is easy to maintain. They are to be bathed only when necessary. Regular brushing with a firm bristle brush is required to groom them. The ears and skins should be checked once in a while, for detecting any infections or skin problems.

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