Bavarian Mountain Hound is a loyal and perfect hunting partner for licensed hunters. Explore this article to find more information about this breed of dog.

Bavarian Mountain Hound

Breed Type: German Breed
Bavarian Mountain Hound
Weight: 20- 25 kg
Height: Males - 47 to 52 cm (18.5 - 20.5 inch) / Females - 44 to 48 cm (17-19 inch)
Coat Type: Short, dense and shiny
Bavarian Mountain Hound, also known as Bayerischer Gebirgsschweisshund, is basically a hunting dog and blood tracking specialist. The dog is neither shy nor aggressive, but remains quiet reserved in front of strangers. Also known as Bavarian Mountain Scenthound, it was bred in the state of Bavaria, to work perfectly in the mountainous terrains. In the Middle Ages, it was used in Germany to follow injured game. Its body is slightly taller than its tail and has a perfect medium-sized body that can walk through steep mountainous regions without any hurdles. But, it is not good for casual hunting or as a home pet. The dog, however, makes a good companion for kids and remains loyal to its master. Read on to know everything about this tough dog breed.
Bavarian Mountain Scenthound Dog Breed
Bavarian Mountain Hound breed was created in 1870 in the state of Bavaria, in southern Germany, with a purpose of developing a medium sized dog that could perfectly work in mountainous terrain and be strong enough to follow a hot or cold blood trail. It was bred by Barvarian resident Baron Karg-Bebenburg by crossing the larger Hanovarian Bloodhound and the smaller Tyrolean Scenthound and derived the exceptional property of tracking and trailing, following ground smell and having a strong will. In no time, the dog became the most trusted companions of hunters and gamekeepers in the mountains of Bavaria.
Bavarian Mountain Hound is bred to live in tough conditions and hence isn’t too attractive for the dog owners who seek it for it for its looks. Since it is a hunting breed, the dog possesses a strong and lengthened head, with broad and slightly domed skull. It has red spots on its body and has solid broad jaws with lips wholly covering the mouth. The short and thick coat lies tightly on its body, giving it a toned look and comes in deer red, tan, reddish grey, solid deep red, fawn, reddish brown and also brindled colors. The medium-sized ears are set high and hang flat against the head. The dog has a broad muzzle, with black or dark colored nose.
Bavarian Mountain Hound is a bold dog that remains calm, quiet and composed and is very attached to its masters and his family, but appears reserved to strangers. The dog requires patient and firm handling and does not suit first-time dog handlers. The life of an apartment does not suit this highly energetic dog. When a Bavarian Mountain Scenthound is hunting, it remains persistent, brave, fast and alert, with powerful nose and excellent hunting instinct. Since the dog remains with the hunter, it needs considerable amount of exercise to keep it physically and mentally fit. In this regard, tracking can do it extremely good, as both physical and mental stimulation.
Genetic Diseases
The average lifespan of Bavarian Mountain Hound dog is 10 to 14 years. However, the breed is susceptible to hip dysplasia. The dog is otherwise fit and healthy.
Bavarian Mountain Scenthound does not require a lot of grooming; a regular brushing of the coat will solve the purpose. One can even go for hound gloves available in the market, for the same. It does not even require a regular bath and should be given a bath only if it is necessary.

Bavarian Mountain Scenthound  
Bavarian Mountain Hound Breed  
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