Tyrolean Hound is one of the finest hunting breeds, best known for its keen scenting prowess. Read this article to find more information about this dog breed.

Tyrolean Hound Dog

Breed: Hounds
Height: 44 to 50 cm
Weight: 20 kg
Coat: Double coat
The Tyrolean Hound is one of best hunting dogs to originate from Austria. Evolved to hunt in the high altitudes of Austrian mountains, the Tyrolean Hound is believed to have evolved from the Celtic Hounds. The Tyrolean Hound was bred in Tyrol County, where it was popularly referred to as the Tiroler Bracke or Bracchet Autrichein a Poil Lisse. This medium-sized hunting dog, with thick double coat has distinctive features like a protruding double chin and a pink cheetah-like rash. Primarily developed as a hunting dog, Tyrolean Hound was made to suit the high altitude of Alps and its rough weather. The high endurance capacity helps the dog to do well both in freezing cold and extreme heat. Hounds are  basically known for their ability to hunt rabbit and hare, but this breed is highly valued by Austrian hunters for its capability to trace a wounded or sick deer. This fanatic hunting dog has a keen smelling prowess and it usually loves to hunt on its own. To know more on this breed of dog, read on.
The Tyrolean Hound is often associated with Celtic Hounds. The Tyrolean Hound is believed to owe its progeny to Celtic Hounds that have existed throughout the Alps and were widely favored by royalty and warriors, during the middle ages. The Tyrolean Hound is held as one of the oldest of the Grand Brackes to have ever existed. Tyrolean Hound derives its name from its place of origin, Tyrol, a small state located in the west of Austria. Maximilian I, the Holy Roman Emperor, is believed to have hugely favored this dense double coated hunting hound, during his reign in the sixteenth century. This breed was officially accepted in 1896 and was first exhibited at Innsbruck. The Tyrolean Hound was recognized by the FCI in 1908.
Tyrolean Hound is an Austrian breed of hunting dogs that stands out with its remarkable sturdy features, arched skull, muscular face and sinewy body. It has a deep muzzle and scissor-like teeth, broad ears and moderately arched neck. The Tyrolean dogs are usually taut and straight, with deep chest and a long bushy tail. Being hunting hounds, Tyrolean Hounds are blessed with well angulated upper arms and well built muscled limbs. These double coated canines have soft undercoats and thick, coarse overcoats. They are feathery and well-covered and come in two types of colors - a combination of red and black and tan.
Tyrolean Hound is a passionate hunter with a deep scenting prowess. It is celebrated for its endurance and ability to sustain in difficult terrain and harsh weather conditions. Despite being a hunting dog, this breed of hound is extremely intelligent, free spirited and energetic. Tyrolean Hounds are lovable and are high-spirited. They are extremely courageous and sociable, though some may exhibit a stubborn streak at times. They make for lovely house pets, as they get along with children and adults alike. These breed of dogs need plenty of outdoor fun and exercise and thus an apartment may not be the ideal place to bring up these breed of dogs.
Genetic Disease
Tyrolean Hounds are genetically sound dogs with no such major illness to claim. They are usually healthy. Occasional grooming is all it takes to keep a Tyrolean Hound happy and healthy.
These short coated dogs need to be brushed or combed once a week to get rid of loose hair. Because of their coarse coat, they need proper brushing every once in a while. These dogs are vulnerable to thorns and external parasites and therefore it is necessary to clean and bathe the dog after it has been hunted. However, domesticated breed of these dogs may not need frequent bathing.  

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