Choosing the most suitable breed of your dog is very important, because it ensures that you would have a great time with your pet. Explore the article and know how to choose dog breed.

How To Choose Dog Breed

Dogs are the greatest pets that humankind has ever had, till date. In case you are planning to have one for your home as well, you would also be faced with the problem of having to choose from innumerable breeds present in this world. When faced with so many options, knowing exactly what you expect from your pet can help a great deal in narrowing down the choice. You may decide whether you want your dog to be a companion for hunting or someone who takes cares of your family and home. Apart from that, there are a number of other things that you need to consider, while choosing the exact breed. In this article, we have provided a few tips, which will help you know how to choose dog breed.
Choosing A Dog Breed
First, choose the type of dog breed - whether you want a hunting dog (including retriever, pointer, gun dog, setter or water dog), guard dog or companion pet. A guard dog, such as Pinschers and Bulldog, would be the best bet if you want to raise a pet for the security of your home. If you want to treat your pet as a family member, then go for a companion dog, such as German Spitz.  
Consider the size of dog, which you can comfortably accommodate in your home and premises. Barring a few exceptions, like Greyhound and Pointer, large dog breeds are difficult to fit into small yards. Therefore, the size of your pet should be at the top your priority list, when you are searching for a dog breed.
It is very important to know whether your dog would mingle well with your family, especially your children, or not. Think about what role would your pet play in the family - whether it would be just like a family member or more of a guard. Certain dog breeds mingle well with small children, while others simply cannot. You will have to select a breed with the right temperament, as per your needs.
When you are looking for a dog breed suitable for your family, you need to consider your budget as well. Calculate the money you need to spend to obtain your pet as well as maintain it. Different dog breeds have different needs, for food, health and shelter. Obtain a dog breed that would fit well into your pocket and serve your basic needs, of companionship or security, as well.
The heterogeneous characteristics of dog breeds are the reason behind the difference in the way they should be cared for. This accounts for time and energy you need to spend, to take care of your dog. Although all the breeds require the owner's attention, the degree of care and attention given to each breed may vary. So, consider how much time you can spend with your pet, while grooming it.
Training is quintessential for all dog breeds. However, the time for grooming a pet varies from breed to breed. Even the intensity of training may different in each case. Consider how much time and effort you will be able to spend on your dog, to train it and go for a breed that has its needs consistent with the same.

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