Want to prolong the freshness of the roses which you got as a gift? It is important to know a few tips which will ensure in keeping roses fresh.

How To Keep Roses Fresh

The delightful flower of rose is the first and favorite choice while gifting something special to someone special. Roses make for special and romantic gifts. How you wish you can keep the gorgeous rose bouquet gifted to you for a few more days. How to keep roses fresh is the question which you keep on asking. There are some guidelines which you should follow when you intend to cut roses from your garden and keep them fresh for a long time.
Tips To Keep Rose Petals Fresh
Water Your Roses Before Cutting
If you are planning to cut roses from your own garden for decorating your room, it is advised that you water them the night before you cut them. The plants will soak up the water, which allows the cut roses to have more substance and holding power.
Cut Your Flowers At The Proper Time
Cut your roses at a time when the blooms are the freshest. Cutting them as early as possible is the best way to keep the fresh for a longer time period.
Sanitation is an important, and mostly overlooked, requirement for keeping your roses fresh for extended periods of time. Cleaning you vase properly is an absolute necessity. Wash your vase thoroughly with hot, soapy water and scrub it with a bottle brush to eliminate all residues. Vases that are not cleaned after using tend to accumulate bacteria which in turn attack and deteriorate the roses. Cleaning the vase is necessary for keeping any flowers, cut from your garden or the one gifted, fresh for a long time.
Place The Roses In Water As Early As Possible
If you can’t get them into water immediately, store in some cool place, ideally a refrigerator. A cool environment helps to slow down the deterioration process.
Use Warm Water
Fill up the vase with fresh, warm water. The water should not be cooler than the room temperature. Use warm water as it can be absorbed quickly. Keep the stems of the roses in water but do not arrange them.
Use Floral Preservatives
For extending the life of cut roses, use floral preservatives. If you do not have a preservative, use aspirin instead and mix it in water. Stir the mix until it dissolves.
Trim Off Any Leaves
Do not keep any leaves on the cut flower, specially the torn, browning or damaged leaves. Make sure you cut the leaves which are below the water line as they cause the water to deteriorate faster.
Trim The Ends Of The Stems
Cut off about half inch to 1 inch of the bottom of the stem at an angle which will allow the preservatives to be absorbed properly. It is better to use knife rather than a scissor. Pull out one rose at a time from the water.
Change Water Everyday
It is essential to change the water and trim the stems every day. This will help the roses from rotting or spoiling. You can also add some more preservative.
Keep Them In A Cool, Dry Place
If you want to maintain the freshness longer, keep them away from sunlight in a cool, dry place. At night keep them in the coolest place of the house as it will help them last longer.
So, now you know how to keep roses fresh for a long time, at least for a week or more. It is not a hard task and a bit of diligence will help you to prolong the freshness of the roses.

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