Curtains not only block sunlight and provide privacy to your room, but also add aesthetic appeal to the overall décor. With this article, explore the different types of curtains available today.

Types Of Curtains

There was a time when curtains were used to serve only two purposes - block the sunlight from entering your home and provide your privacy from the neighbors. However, with the passing time, they have come to form a very important part of the overall décor of your house. This is the reason why people have started paying more much attention to them. Before deciding on the curtains that you want to hang in your house, it is necessary to explore the basic types and acquaint yourself with each one of them. Go through the following lines and know the different types of curtains available in the market today.
Different Types Of Curtains
One of the most common types of curtains comprise of voiles, which are characterized by the lightweight material (more often than not, cotton) used to make them. They perfectly suit the home decor in tropical countries. One of the main advantages of using these curtains is that they can be washed easily and require low maintenance, in terms of time, effort and cost. At the same time, they can be easily hung on rods and poles, lending an artistic quality to your home, apart from loads of class and elegance.
Yet another popular option, when it comes to curtains, comprises of blinds. One of the best features of blinds is that they are available in so many different options, like vertical or horizontal, roller, Venetian or blackout, and so on. As for the material used, you can choose from amongst plastic, wood, faux wood (made of plastic), fabric or even metal (mainly used in offices). Generally speaking, blinds are made up of long, separated slats, which can be manipulated with the help of a string. Blinds are simple to use, easy to clean and also allow you to control the amount of light that enters your room.
To some an extent, shades are also like blinds, especially in the context that they can be manipulated with the help of strings. However, unlike blinds, shades are made of solid material and do not have the slats. In other words, shades can only be moved up or down. You can get shades in a wide range of materials, right from polyethylene fabric (which lowers the room temperature, while still allowing some light to pass through) to lace (which can brighten up any room and easily soften the harsh daylight).
In case you are looking for something different, in terms of curtains, why not go for the beaded ones. They help impart a free, contemporary feel to the overall room décor. On top of that, the options in which the beads are available is almost unlimited and usually includes acrylic, shells, bamboo, gemstones, glass, string, mirror and other natural materials. By picking the right color, type and design of beads for the curtains, you can complement any type of motif or design theme in your home. They are moisture-resistant and can be used in bathrooms as well.

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