Want to know ‘how to propagate rose cuttings’? Read this article and get some of the best tips on propagating roses at your home.

How To Propagate Roses

A rose speaks the language of love! In fact, roses have been associated with the beautiful feeling of love since ages. Whether you want to say ‘I Love You’ to your beloved or ‘Happy Birthday’ to your friends or ‘Happy Anniversary’ to your parents, a bouquet of roses, red, white, pink or yellow, seems to be the perfect accompaniment. Though there are so many varieties of roses in market, the ones that have been grown by you, in your own home; will always have a special significance attached to them. For learning how to propagate rose, from cuttings, check out the tips mentioned below.
How to Propagate Roses 
  • Somewhere around late summer or early autumn, select a healthy rose cane for propagation. Make sure that the cane is around one to two feet in length.
  • Cut off the cane from the point that is just above an outward facing bud.
  • Remove all the leaves and twigs from the cane and if possible, the thorns also.
  • The cane should then be cut into lengths of 6 to 9 pieces. Try to ensure that the bottom of each piece is as close to a leaf node as possible.
  • If you want, you can use a natural rooting hormone at this point of time. Chop willow twigs and soak them in a bucket of water overnight. Thereafter, dip the ends of the cuttings in it and let them sit overnight.
  • Next, plant each of the cuttings in a separate pot, which has enough good quality potting soil. You can also put a bit of sand in the bottom of the hole, for drainage.
  • While planting the cuttings, make sure that at least 2/3 of their length is under the soil.
  • Spray some water on the cuttings and well as the soil. Then, wrap the pots with a plastic bag and secure.
  • Keep the pots outside the house, in such an area that receives enough sunlight, but not directly. In other words, the sunrays should never ever fall on the pots directly.
  • Check out condition of the pots on a regular basis and make sure that the cuttings are always moist, but not wet.
  • In around a month’s time, you will notice the cuttings growing roots. This is time when you should take them out of the pot and plant them in your garden, at a temporary place. In this case, ensure that the place where you are planting the cuttings does not receive the rays of the midday sun.
  • By the following summer, your cuttings will have grown to quite an extent and almost become plants. If you notice the appearance of flower buds, make sure to remove them immediately. This is because, right now, the young plants need all the energy for growing strong.
  • In most probability, your plants will be well rooted by the following autumn. This is the time when you should lift them out of soil carefully and replant them in their permanent location.

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